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Acoustasonic SFX®
SFX® Keyboard

Fender Musical Instruments - home to such legendary amplifiers as the Bassman®, Twin Reverb® Princeton® Chorus and Hot Rod Deluxe and DeVille - announces a sonic breakthrough in amplifier technology so original and revolutionary that it will change the way you hear and play live music - forever.

In a traditional guitar or keyboard amplifier, the sound waves project forward, focusing their energy in one linear direction. Even when played in stereo, conventional amplifiers lose their "spread" if the listener is more than a few feet away from the sound source. Now, Fender's new Stereo Field eXpansion (SFX)® technology (patent pending) smashes the sound barrier to immerse performers and listeners in a true surround, psychoacoustic stereo event. Fender's SFX® effect comes alive at any volume, from a near-whisper to wall-shaking levels.

"Besides all the usual issues associated with producing a new amplifier, there were two unique challenges involved in creating SFX," says Ritchie Fliegler, Fender vice president of marketing. "First, our engineers had to develop our own onboard stereo Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Second, the Stereo Field eXpansion matrix - the heart of SFX - needed to be researched and designed. The SFX matrix processes the signal from the player's instrument through one of the 32 stereo digital effect presets onboard the amp. The signals are then sent to the speakers to radiate throughout the performance space with up to 300 degrees of stereo sound imaging. It simply has to be experienced to be believed. I'm sure most of the players who will read this are as skeptical as I was when SFX was first described to me. All I can say is, 'plug in - you won't believe it."

"We've fine tuned our DSP effects to work with the SFX through intense technical developments and research combined with hours of critical listening," says Dale Curtis, Fender vice president of research and development. "Our exclusive blend of stereo and digital signals opens up the sound stage omnidirectionally and provides a world of sound possibilities for performers and listeners alike."

Fender's SFX is now available in three new Fender amplifier models - designed with the performer in mind.

Acoustasonic(TM) SFX® - Amp

For the guitarist / vocalist who wants to intensify the amplified acoustic experience with wide-field sonic dispersion and versatile stereo digital effects, Fender's Acoustasonic(TM) SFX® - Amp brings these features together in a powerful, two channel performance oriented combo that joins the ranks of the acclaimed Acoustasonic Junior. Channel one, voiced specifically for acoustic instruments, features Fender's exclusive String Dynamics control (patent pending) effectively suppressing unwanted high frequency harshness present in many Piezo instrument pickups. Channel two, with its separate tone controls and feedback eliminating notch filters, faithfully reproduces vocal or line level sources completing this performance package.

If the combo's 32 onboard stereo digital presets are not enough, the Acoustasonic(TM) SFX® - Amp also features insert patch points for the addition of external signal processing devices or other outboard gear. Dual 80 watt power amps (160W RMS), SFX Matrix and an innovative 3-way SFX speaker array complete the system. Like all Fender amplifiers, the Acoustasonic SFX is backed by Fender's 5-year transferable warranty.

SFX® Keyboard 200

Designed to free keyboardists from rack mounted mixers, power amps, studio reference monitors and re-hashed guitar amps, Fender's SFX® Keyboard 200 lays claim as the definitive amp for modern keyboard playing. Whether utilizing their keyboard's onboard effects, Fender's 32 specially programmed stereo digital presets, or both, performers will welcome the sonic benefits of Fender's unique Stereo Field eXpansion technology.

The amp's three channel design features two stereo channels, each with left and right inputs for multiple stereo instrument patching, and a separate lo-Z mono channel for vocal or line level sources. Dual power amplifiers generate 80 Watts per channel (160W RMS) and drive the innovative 3-way SFX® speaker array. Delta Comp(TM) protection, sub woofer line out, line inserts and separate three band channel EQs round out the package, all backed by Fender's 5-year transferable warranty.

SFX® Satellite

With the spatial magic of SFX® players can expand their zone and keep their tone by adding Fender's SFX® Satellite amplifier. The SFX® Satellite will turn any amp with an EFX loop into a complete SFX® stereo system. Get the total range of specially programmed Fender Digital Signal Processing including reverb, chorus, delay, flange and more... plus an additional 80 Watts of power! Features 80 Watts, SFX® matrix and a 12" Fender Special Design speaker. Backed by Fender's 5-year transferable warranty.

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