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FEA Labs is very pleased to announce the 2 Channel Mixer pedal as the 3rd product to their lineup. The new mixer pedal is the ideal companion to the FEA Dual-Band Optical Compressor pedals and is designed to take advantage of the dual output feature by combining the signal paths on the other end of the chain. While the mixer was engineered with the FEA dual band compressors in mind, it offers a range of useful features that should work well in any dual channel setup. Variable Phase Correction: The mixer includes a variable phase control on channel 2 to minimize signal cancellation when out of phase signals are added together. The variable control allows the signal to be phase adjusted anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees. This approach using a variable phase control is incorporated in the design because a standard signal inverter switch is typically only useful when the effects on either channel are in a steady state (always on or off). On Demand Boost: The mixer is equipped with an additional footswitch to enable the signal boost feature. The boost effect can be applied to either input channel or both channels and can be selected by a three position rotary switch. The boost level can be adjusted from +3 dB to +10 dB using a variable control as well and there is an LED indicator to show when the boost is active. Additional Features: Signal levels are monitored for internal clipping and 3 LED indicators are included to warn when a signal is too hot. The output amplifier topology is selectable for the Op-Amp or a discrete Class-A JFET amplifier for player preference. A footswitch is provided to turn the 2nd channel on or off and there is an LED indicator to show when the channel is active. Product Details Page: http://www.fealabs.com/products/2CH-MIX-0001.html Price: $225.00 USD + S&H (and tax if shipped within New York State) Available immediately direct from the manufacturer website.
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