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FanBand Version 2.0 is an application designed for musicians that allows your live audience to purchase mp3 files directly from a laptop at your show, in a checkout like interface. Relying solely on a fans email address, FanBand automatically sends download links or mp3 files to your new fan, without the need for a credit card terminal, a merchant account, or even an internet connection in the venue at the time. You don't even have to run FanBand to send purchases, once an internet connection is available. The fan can also receive your upcoming show information with MapQuest links along with their purchase. By using this software, you gain the benefit of receiving the fans email address, MySpace address, and keep 100% cash profits without the need of your live audience buying only physical merchandise at your shows. Songs can also be sold for free, giving an easy incentive for your audience to give you their email address. There is no need for your fans to bring iPods to shows, no need for them to type a coupon code into a website, no need to make them have to sign up for anything; all they need to do is check their email. For Bands, it provides a solution to correctly interact with your live audience in a digital music file realm. For your fans, it provides a solution for them by not having to purchase your CD when they rather download it like they normally would do. Plus, they get to buy the songs they like the most, based on what they just heard you perform, without being forced to by an entire album. In case you have more than 1 band, you can manage up to 5 artist accounts, allowing you to display the account that is performing that particular night. It is beneficial to those who perform as a solo artist one night, and perform in a band another night. You can sell up to 100 songs & display 5 albums per artist account. Display a discography, allowing your audience to browse through each album. So, if they heard you play a particular song they want to purchase, finding it is easy. Fans can also directly add themselves to your MySpace page, right from the checkout if an internet connection is available. Automatically Send Fan Purchases. If an internet connection is available, FanBand will send all your Fan Requests without interrupting anything you're currently doing on your Laptop. FanBand does not even have to be open.
  • Manage up to 5 artist accounts. If you have more than one band or perform also as a solo artist, you can load your settings based on the particular account.
  • Export & Import accounts. If you want to use multiple laptops at a show to sell your songs, you can import the same artist information into each laptop, without having to recreate anything.
  • Sell up to 100 songs and 5 albums per account.
  • Create a checkout display. Choose from multiple graphical templates to create a checkout similar to an online store. Your checkout display can include: Band member information, upcoming shows, album artwork, and can also be used as a listening station or mailing list.
  • Create a discography. If you have more than 1 album, you can display each album your fan can browse during checkout.
  • Assign Download Links. Instead of sending each mp3 file through file attachment, you have another option to assign download links your fan can download the music file from directly within the email.
  • Include Upcoming Shows. When your fan makes a purchase, they can receive a MapQuest Link to your next show.
  • Build a Local MySpace List. The URL address the fan provided in each Fan Request, allows you to directly link to the new fans MySpace page, making it easy to see who you gathered locally at shows. Fans can also directly add you to their MySpace page during checkout if an internet connection is present.
  • Sell your songs for free. The option to choose which songs will be sold for free & for a price.
  • Track Your Statistics. During checkout, FanBand will track each song play, purchase, or if the song was sold for free.
  • Free Updates. Free updates within your current version, may include new features, new checkout templates, and software fixes.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP or Vista
    256 MB Ram
    60MB hard drive space available
    1024 x 768 screen resolution
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