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Electro-Voice is introducing the Rx line of loudspeakers and subs at Winter NAMM. The Rx Series is positioned to bridge high-end MI with contracting. Each component is portable and flexible enough to be used in many high-end DJ and small regional live performances, and each are also equipped for use in many fixed installation projects where direct radiating two-ways are appropriate.

The Rx line features the:

  • Rx112/75, two-way 12-inch woofer
  • Rx115/75, two-way 15-inch woofer
  • Rx212/75, two-way dual 12-inch woofer
  • Rx118S, single 18-inch sub
  • Rx215S, dual 15-inch sub
  • Rx218S, dual 18-inch sub

Unlike many EV subwoofer designs in the past, the Rx118S, Rx215S and Rx218S are all direct radiators.

To more fully serve the demands of the end user, the Rx Series incorporates several features that make it a truly versatile, high-end, prescribed audio solution. For example, the Rx112/75 and Rx115/75 are five-sided cabinets, allowing use as main P.A. speakers, floor wedges or ceiling-hugging low-profile boxes. Additionally, all Rx two-way systems feature a unique horn patternæa 75-degree x 50-degree constant directivity horn that is asymmetrical with a 15-degree down angle to facilitate pole mounting. When pole-mounted to the correct elevation (enough to reach over the top of the crowd), the Rx design facilitates natural energy distribution down into the crowd without unnecessary box repositioning or tilting.

EV Rx Series top boxes come complete as portable or fixed install "ready-to-hang" cabinets with Safe-Grip handles, standard pole mount and L-track, top and bottom. The L-track is placed on the box to utilize the natural forces of the center of gravity in conjunction with the 15-degree down angle of the horn to create a natural hang with limited necessity for pull-ups. The horns are fully rotatable, allowing maximum flexibility when configuring an array. For example, given the natural 15-degree down angle, if you put two boxes together and rotate them 90 degrees in opposite directions, you only have to compensate for a 30-degree exchange between boxes. Ultimately, this means you can get a tighter pack with less overlap and still create a wider dispersion between the two boxes.

Also unique to EV’s new line, all Rx Series top-boxes are passive or biampable with a secure external switch on the back of the box for the selection of passive or biamp mode. Additionally, EV has built high-frequency driver protection right into the crossover! The Rx215S dual 15-inch sub and the Rx218S dual 18-inch sub are also available in a version equipped for flying.

Used in conjunction with EV’s new line of rugged and dependable Px Series modular power amplifiers, the Rx Series becomes a complete, entirely matched sound system. The dual-channel version, Px1202, can be used in stereo or mono mode (2 x 600-watt into 4 ohms); the two front-face slots are available with modules that feature filters and crossovers specifically designed for EV loudspeakers: FRi, FRX, Xi, Rx and others. The Px1202 operates two separate signals (slot A & B) or the same signal in both channels (slot A only). Available in 2-way set-up for the Rx Series, the Px1202 is the perfect companion to the Rx118s or Rx112/75. With the flexibility of EV’s modular Px Series amplifiers and the unique features of the Rx loudspeakers and subs, the following are but a few of the various system configurations possible.

6-way Stage Monitor System:
(4) Px1202; (2) Rx115/75; (2) Rx215S; (6) Rx112/75
Rock ‘n’ Roll Stage System:
(2) Px1202; (2) Px1201; (6) Rx118S; (4) Rx212/75
Professional Musician System:
(1) Px1202 (+2 MRx112’s); (1) Px1201 (+1 MRx118); (2) Rx118S; (2) Rx112/75
Professional Mobile DJ System:
(2) Px1202 (+2 MRx115 and 2 Mx215); (2) Rx115/75; (2) Rx215S
Club/Disco Wide Angle System:
(4) Px1202 (+2 MRx115 and 2 Mx215); (4) Rx215S; (4) Rx115/75
L-C-R Theater System:
(1) Px1201; (2) Px1202; (3) Rx118S; (5) Rx112/75

Not only do the features and design of the Rx Series provide ultimate flexibility; the history behind the product is also fascinating, demonstrating EV’s corporate versatility as well. As the first truly joint design effort between German and American R & D, the development of the Rx Series is an example of how the restructured Telex Communications has strengthened individual product brands. "Ultimately," says Jim Tassey, director of the Technical Services Group and loudspeaker product manager, "we believe that the joint design effort between our engineers and German engineers has truly culminated in the best of both worlds."

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