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The latest offering in D-TAR's initial product rollout is Equinox, a three-band parametric equalizer preamp. Equinox provides precise EQ control to correct or enhance specific tonal problems.

As a true parametric equalizer, each band features independent controls for frequency sweep, size of bandwidth ("Q"), and level boost or cut. With true parametric EQ, the musician can simultaneously enhance the deep low end, tame midrange "squawk," and bring out upper harmonic shimmer. Or, find the perfect sonic slot in a mix by adjusting lows and highs so one instrument doesn't occupy another instrument's space. In addition to the EQ stage, Equinox provides two independent notch filters for total elimination of acoustic feedback. Add together the parametric EQ and the notch filters, and Equinox becomes an essential tone shaping and feedback elimination device for the acoustic musician.

Equinox can be used as a stand-alone preamp for ultra portable instrument amplification systems. A 20 dB gain boost allows switching input sensitivities between lower input level instrument outputs, or higher line level gear-to-gear signal levels.

As part of D-TAR's "box series," Equinox integrates seamlessly with D-TAR's Solstice two-channel mixer preamp. A single quarter-inch (6.35mm) stereo input jack allows connecting Equinox's input and output to Solstice's insertion jack via a single, stereo cable.

In addition to the box series, D-TAR's product slate also includes a full line of piezo pickups and on-board preamps for acoustic instruments. The company has recently announced plans to deliver a DSP product for acoustic guitar.

Tech Specs

Input stage

  • Low noise and low distortion (<0.001%).
  • Maximum input signal - 10 VRMS @ unity gain setting / 1 VRMS @ 20dB gain
  • Slew Rate -- 22V/us
  • Input impedance -- 2Meg ohms

Three-Band EQ

  • Each band has adjustable Q (bandwidth) from .58 to 9.4 with 15 dB of boost and cut available
  • Low Frequency Band -- Frequency adjustable from 39 Hz to 408 Hz
  • Midrange Frequency Band -- Frequency adjustable from 212 Hz to 2.35 KHz
  • High Frequency Band -- Frequency adjustable from 1.8 KHz to 20 KHz

Notch Filters

  • Q (bandwidth) fixed at 9.0 with up to 15 dB of cut available
  • Notch Filter #1 - Frequency adjustable from 40 Hz to 400
  • Notch Filter #2 - Frequency adjustable from 80 Hz to 800

Miscellaneous Features

  • Input Jack -- 1/4" Stereo, input on tip / output on ring, allows interface with D-TAR Solstice acoustic mixer using a single, stereo cable.
  • Output Jack -- 1/4" mono
  • Power Supply -- Internal +/- 15V derived from 16VAC external, wall mounted power transformer.
  • Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 6.5" deep x 2.7" high
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
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