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E-MU has released version 4.6 of its Emulator Operating System (EOS), the operating system for E-MU's E4 sampling line of instruments. A key feature of this release is that new users can now import ENSONIQ ASR sounds via floppy and SCSI, offering the company's existing ASR customers an upgrade path without having to build new sound libraries, in addition to those they've already spent years building.

"With Version 4.6 of our EOS system, we've simply taken an already robust and proven platform, and made it even better," says Scott Emmerman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Americas, for E-MU. "EOS 4.6 continues to offer the cutting-edge features to our top-of-the-line effects engine, the RFX-32."

EOS Version 4.6 is available for free download at E-MU's web site and will ship standard with all E4 Ultra samplers starting this summer. Key features include:

  • ASR-10 and EPS File import via SCSI and Floppy.
  • New RFX plug-ins. These include a 13-band Vocoder, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Muxter and Quad Muxter. Version 4.6 allows use of 4 Vocoders over 4 busses to create a 52-band Vocoder set up. The Muxter Plug-in is a BPM-based gate that allows users to create stutter and slicing effects. The Quad Muxter offers the ability to run a signal through 4 independent paths, each of which can be fully programmed with different note durations and levels.
  • Improved Multi-mode functionality. Featuring RFX (Mixer Mode), users can override all 4 voice sends (busses and levels) at the Multi-setup stage. Users can also select an external audio input in lieu of a preset on a MIDI channel in the Multi-setup.
  • External audio input to MIDI trigger (note on, note off) conversion.
  • RFX MIDI Modulation. This allows modulation of effect wet/dry mix, input level, output level and effect parameters that support modulation.

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