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EXS24 TDM For ProTools|24 Systems

Emagic is proud to announce the EXS24 TDM,a new 24 Bit software sampler for TDM systems running under Logic Audio Platinum Macintosh.

In addition to its powerful sound editing and management tools, EXS24 TDM users will also benefit from the efficient use of available resources. By utilizing the Mac computers' native processing power and RAM, only a minimal amount of the TDM DSP resources are required. In comparison with conventional hardware samplers, the EXS24 TDM introduces a new dimension in sample-accurate timing precision.

The EXS24 TDM features compatibility with existing sampler data formats. In addition to the EXS24's native file, the EXS24 TDM can read AIFF, SDII, WAV and can convert Akai S1000 and S3000, Sample Cell (across platforms) and Soundfont2 (across platforms) for. Internal 32 Bit signal processing guarantees pristine sound quality. Using the EXS24 TDM is straightforward. Simply insert the EXS24 TDM into an auxiliary track of the TDM mixer. A maximum of 32 EXS24 TDM "units"can be used simultaneously. As the EXS24 TDM is processed natively by the CPU of the host computer, the number and size of the samples is limited only by the amount of available RAM on the host computer. The number of sample instruments which can be stored is limited solely by hard disk capacity.

EXS24 TDM structure

An EXS24 TDM sound can be as complex,or simple, as required. This can range from a single sample, played over the entire keyboard, to a 127 note multilayer with different samples mapped to each key and velocity switched. WAV, AIFF and SDII format data can be read in 8 to 24 bit depths (plus the Akai S1000/S3000, SampleCell and Soundfont2 formats mentioned above). Within an EXS24 TDM instrument,samples are organized into "zones".

Each zone features individual parameters for volume, tuning, key note, keyboard and velocity range plus non-destructive crossfade looping and non-destructive reverse modes. Zones can be further assigned to "groups". Each group has offsets for synthesizer parameters, output assignment and again, separate keyboard and velocity zones. This facility guarantees maximum compatibility with third party data formats. Thanks to its logically laid out editor,even the most complex sample assignments remain transparent.

Organizing sounds with the EXS24 TDM

Clearly structured hierarchical menus makes sound organisation simple, reflecting the folder structure of EXS24 instruments stored on hard disk. Files can be organized in any way--by instrument type: strings, brass, pianos etc, alphabetically or on a per project basis. To assist in keeping the most complex sample libraries organized, the EXS24 TDM can search for samples and sampler instruments on any network volume. In order to minimize the number of sounds displayed in the search results, you can make use of the "instrument filter"which will limit the files displayed to those which contain the word "piano"or "bass", as an example.

The EXS24 TDM can save all sampler instruments used in a song, along with related audio files in a separate folder. This feature allows projects to be saved completely and independently from the main sampler library. The "delete instrument" function allows the safe deletion of EXS24 TDM instruments as the EXS 24 automatically, and intelligently, checks whether the audio files are used by other sampler instruments.

Direct from Disc Streaming

The new Direct from Disc Streaming option allows samples to also be played directly from the hard drive. This means that the sample instrument size is only limited by the capability of the hard drive. An intelligent use of the cache permits a level of performance that was previously the preserve of RAM based computers--not only extremly short latency, but even Direct from Disc Streaming for looped samples and samples in reverse mode.

The use of the Direct from Disc Streaming is optional. Preset parameters can be modi oed to best suit the current hard drive conditions. Direct from Disc Streaming is possible with all EXS24 compatible file formats--8/16/24 Bit, mono and stereo, SDII/AIFF/WAV.

Real-time Processing Power

The powerful signal processing plug-ins of the Logic Audio product range make hardware effect and signal processors virtually obsolete. The heart of the EXS24 TDM synthesis engine is a lowpass filter with adjutable slope and a resonance parameter that can be driven to self-oscillaion. The unique "fatness" parameter assures fat bass sounds, even with high resonance settings. As an additional creative choice, the signal can be distorted at the filter input stage. Pitch, filter cutoff frequency, volume and panorama can be modulated via two LFOs--one polyphonic and equipped with a dedicated envelope generator, the other monophonic.

The speed parameter of both LFO's can be set in Hertz values or in beat-synchronous note values. Each of the 64 EXS24 TDM voices features 2 ADSR envelope generators. The curve type of the attack phase can be set independently. Key-follow envelope times can be modulated by pitch, making high notes sound shorter than lower notes, which is ideal for the creation of natural sounding instrument envelopes. The sample start point plus the attack time of the envelope generators can be modulated by velocity sensitivity. The glide function can be switched between portamento and auto-end, allowing its use as a velocity sensitive pitch envelope generator.

The EXS24 TDM can be played in legato mode, featuring fingered poramento with single trigger,making it ideal for playing solo sounds.

Integration with Logic Audio Platinum Macintosh

The power of the EXS24 TDM bene ots from its intuitive user interface with controls, specifically designed for the sampler, which allow the simultaneous adjustment of several parameters. Also, the EXS24 TDM perfectly integrates with Logic Audio Platinum's digital mixer surface.

The EXS24 TDM provides sample-accurate timing, which is far superir to that of any external hardware sampler being played via MIDI. As with all Logic Audio plug-ins,the EXS24 TDM can be fully automaed with "flying faders"and has true total recall.

With songs, sounds, samples, and audio track data being saved on the same storage media, the handling of backups and sample library is safe, easy, and efficient--reducing organizational work and time. Logic's audio files can also be used as EXS24 TDM samples. This level of integration allows you to quickly and seamlessly jump from sample editing to mixing tasks, taking full advantage of Logic Audio Platinum's extensive sample editing,signal processing and digital audio mixer functions.

The EXS24 TDM requires DirectConnect-capable ProTools|24 systems running on Logic Audio Platinum Macintosh, version 4.7 and higher.

Pricing and availability

Pricing:$499.00 MSRP

The EXS24 TDM will be available in March 2001.

Key Features

  • Designed for ProTools|24 MIX and ProTools|24 MIX+ TDM systems with MIXCore and/or MIXFarm cards running on Logic Audio Platinum 4.7 and higher for MacOS
  • Up to 32 EXS24 TDM can be used simultaneously (dependent on the host computer's processing capabilities)
  • Up to 64 voices per EXS24 TDM (dependent on the host computer's processing capabilities)
  • 32 Bit internal signal processing
  • Reads SDII,WAV and AIFF audio ole formats with word lengths from 8 to 24 Bits,up to 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Conversion of SampleCell (MacOS and Windows), Akai S1000/S3000 and Soundfont2 (MacOS and Windows) formats
  • Ergonomically designed user interface
  • Intuitive instrument editor
  • Hierarchical menus for oexible organization of even the most complex libraries spread over several drives in a network
  • Sample-accurate playback timing
  • Integration into Logic Audio Platinum's mixing console with direct access to all Logic plug-in effects
  • Full automation with "flying faders "and "total recall"
  • Direct access to all Logic Audio sample editing tools
  • Non-destructive crossfade loops and reverse mode

Per voice:

  • Versatile,unique and powerful filter section
  • 2 ADSR envelopes for volume and filter cutoff frequency
  • 2 LFOs (monophonic/polyphonic with dedicated envelope generator)
  • Sample start and envelope attack times can be modulated by velocity sensitivity
  • Switchable portamento or pitch envelope feature (velocity-sensitive autobend)
  • Versatile modulation features
  • Modes: polyphonic or monophonic with single-triggered, fingered portamento or multi-trigger

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