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For musicians looking to play together over the Internet live in real time while feeling no discernable latency on their instruments, eJamming Inc announces it has released eJamming AUDiiO 2.0 out of Beta with numerous enhancements. This flagship software technology is available for download now for a 30 day free trial. eJamming AUDiiO 2.0 wraps a social network around peer-to-peer connectivity client software whose patented technology synchronizes live audio streams from multiple locations, even continents apart, so up to 4 musicians can play together in an eJamming session in real time for maximum creativity and enjoyment. eJamming AUDiiO 2.0 features three modes: Jam Mode imposes a near zero latency on each musician's instrument or vocals no matter how geographically separated they are and each musician then accommodates to the live playing of the others in their session; VRS Mode turns an eJamming session (with up to 4 players) into a Virtual Recording Studio, with each musician able to record a new track live over the pre-recorded tracks and everyone in the session hearing the live and pre-recorded tracks synchronized at each of their locations. It's similar to the rest of your band being in a control room able to produce the one player who's in the studio recording. This manner of recording provides a distinct advantage to the offline overdub process. And eJamming AUDiiO's original Sync Mode remains an option for players geographically close enough to each other who want to play and record live in tight sync while feeling a minimal sync delay to which they can easily accommodate. In addition, eJamming's patented Send Song command exchanges better than CD quality 48 kHz 16 or 24 bit tracks among all session participants so that each musician receives a perfect, time stamped recording of the Sync mode or VRS mode session with no lost packets or drop outs. Another improvement eJamming added to AUDiiO 2.0 is Skip Correction, where lost or late packets which can create distracting "pops" during live performance are minimized and those that do occur are smoothed out, resulting in a maximized live experience. Social Networking features eJamming has added to AUDiiO 2.0 include Lobby Chat and Private Chat, offline Messaging between members, and User Profiles fully searchable by instruments/vocals, styles, talents and geographic location. In addition, members can post pictures and samples of their music and playing abilities on their profiles.
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