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The Effectrode 'Fire Bottle' booster is shipping! This little tube booster is a vintage tube preamp in a pedal that can be used as a clean boost on lower gain settings or, when running at full-tilt, push your tube amp into smooth overdrive. It can add some authentic grit and growl to thicken and warm up your tone without loosing definition and clarity. Additionally, it features a selectable input impedance switch. This allows fine-tuning of the resonant peak of a single coil pickup to alter the fundamental tone.

Two settings make it possible to shift the resonant peak 2 to 4KHz down. This has the effect of making a strat bridge pickup sound like a hot single coil or neck pickup or even like a humbucker, for a thicker, fatter and fuller sound. This feature combined with a wide gain range, 'Harvard' tone control adds a huge degree of flexibility to the sounds you can get out of a stock Strat. This is a limited run of 100 pedals built and tested by designer Phil Taylor.

Pricing & Availability

The FB-1A Fire Bottle tube booster is available for $299 (US), is sold in North America directly through the Effectrode online store (http://www.effectrode.com/) and through select authorized Effectrode dealers.

Effectrode is fueled by a sense of nostalgia and fascination with the tone, clean lines and simplicity of classic and vintage tube gear. This inspired us to pursue an alternative path to design effects that would have been built if the transistor had not been invented and tube technology had continued developing. Each pedal is built on a 100\% analog signal path using modern audiophile grade electronic components and tubes operating at amp plate voltages.

For further information visit: www.effectrode.com


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