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Announcing the release "Concepts of Jazz, for all musicians Volume 1" E-BOOK. This book is a self -help guide for musicians of an intermediate level and up looking to get into jazz based harmony. Up until now it has only been available via hardcopy, now it has been released as an E-BOOK so you don't have the expense of paying for postage or printing posted. "Concepts of Jazz" is a unique book in its field:

"...just about the best we've seen in terms of demystifying the art of jazz and teaching the theory in easy-to-swallow mouthfuls..." Australian Guitar Magazine August 2005

"Bill Palmer's book Concepts of Jazz has been hailed as one of the best in its field." Northern Beaches Weekender, Sydney Australia.

The revised and updated 2nd edition has corrected some spelling, grammatical and layout errors and also re-worded and expanded some important concepts thereby making the volume more accessible and much easier to read. Approx 5 extra pages of text have been added in the process.

One of the criticisms of the first edition was that there was no accompanying CD for non-harmonic solo instruments to be able to "hear" the corresponding changes. Rather than go ahead and print thousands of cd's and thereby drive the cost of the book up, we have opted instead to offer the notated examples within the book as a free audio and midi download from the website. The audio is in mp3 format and may be streamed or saved to disk. MIDI files can also be downloaded freely and may then be used for improvisation practice by playing them back through a host sequencer or sampling program. You don't have to purchase a copy of the book or enter a special serial number to access the download page - anyone can download and save these files.

The only criticism of the second edition was that the postage was making the book unaffordable to buyers outside of Australia. Now with the e-book available for purchase and the free downloads, there is nothing to stop people have an easy insight into playing jazz based music.

It is non-instrument specific publication meaning that any instrumentalist or musician with a basic grasp of notation and theory can begin to learn and apply the concepts contained in this book.

The intention behind the book is to de-mystify the ideas and concepts that underpin Jazz music in a sensible, easy to read manner. With that in mind, the author (Bill Palmer) has dispensed as much as possible with any theory 'lingo' or 'jargon' and gone for a more conversational writing style. The book is broken into 2 distinct sections.

The first section is the written or theory part and is 40 pages long. There are 4 main principles discussed: The 2-5-1 and associated topics, Chord substitution, Improvising - playing through changes and Standard progressions. Within each of these are a number of sub-headings. Examples are given throughout and readers are encouraged to play them on their respective instruments.

The second section is the appendix. This contains 60 pages of scales, chords, patterns and 'standard progression' charts for the reader to put into practice and get under their fingers.

The 'Concepts of Jazz' book and E-Book are available for purchase from the author's website http://www.conceptsofjazz.com/. The book is also available at http://www.amazon.com./

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