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Ueberschall proudly presents Dubstep Skillz, the latest product of  the Vodovoz series. Ten professionally mixed and arranged tracks split  into massive punchy beats and breaks, ultra deep wobble- and distorted  basses, pulsating synths, hitting space tones, robotic- and glitch vocals, SFX and warped textures.

Dubstep Skillz is a cutting edge library that is inspired by  various styles in dubstep like wobble, post-dubstep, brostep, tribal  step, wonky and dank dub, that integrate elements from techno, electro  house, drum n bass, tribal and reggae. Dubstep Skillz can also be combined with various music genres. Merge Dubstep Skillz  with pop, dance, hip hop, rock and heavy metal for the ultimate punch!

Dubstep Skillz contains 1.6 GB of sounds and loops in 10  construction kits, offering a multitude of ultra deep wobble- and  distorted basses, punchy beats and breaks, pulsating synths, atmospheric  spaces, SFX, robotic and glitch vocals. All beats are available as multi tracks, separated in bass drum, snare drum, hi-hats and  percussion loops for efficient mixing. The1.058 loops cover a range  between 139 and 147 BPM with lengths between one and eight bars.
This library is essential for every modern producer, songwriter and  sound-designer. Dubstep Skillz is perfectly suited for music  production, advertisement-jingles, games, dubbing, web applications etc.

Each construction kit contains up to five subfolders:
No. 1 - Intro
No. 2 - Hook
No. 3 - Break Part
No. 4 - Hook-Variation
No. 5 - Outro

Dubstep Skills hugely benefits from Ueberschall‘s versatile and flexible Elastik-Player, available as a free download from This plug-in allows easy and fast creation of additional glitches,  wobbles, filtering and cut-up-effects by sequencing sound parameters and  using grain-loops! Its perfect and ultrafast time-stretching with a  range between 30 and 300 BPM allows matching of all loops to your DAW-tempo and easy creation of half- and doubling  tempo-versions.
A clear folder structure combined with meaningful titles like  “Keynote“ and „Speed“ makes navigation and loop combination within  Dubstep Skillz and all other installed libraries a breeze. The perfect  workflow.
The central Loopeye view lets you focus on the loop. Edit samples  in an Innovative and intuitive way by using functions such as  resampling, formant, reverse and the powerful multimode-filter. Elastik  allows host-automated modulation of start- and endpoints in a loop, resulting in creative manipulations while playing. At the  same time, zplane.development‘s élastique-pro-algorithm performs easy  tempo matching with highest quality and lowest CPU load.

Danya Vodovoz: Ideas, production and sound-design
Danya has released his music on labels like Ministry of Sound,  Traum, Naïve, Raw Canvas and Night Drive Music. Among other styles, he  has produced Electro Pop, Pop Charts, Retro Soul, Chillers Joint, 80‘s  Smash Hits and Caribbean Flavors for Ueberschall.

1.6 GB, 10 construction kits, 1.058 loops
Genre: Dubstep
Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/StandAlone
Elastik Player included - no sampler required!
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