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San Francisco AES is the setting for the worldwide launch of DUY's DSPider, the first ever Plug-in creator, and the first modular processing software for the Digidesign TDM BusTM.

DUY's DSPider is the very and only TDM product on the market that allows users to "build" their own Plug-ins. As a result, a huge range of unique and exciting effects and processors can be created with just one Plug-in. A large library of over 170 preprogrammed patches is also included as standard. The user can modify these patches allowing the development of virtually any type of existing processing device as well as creating entirely new ones currently unavailable in the marketplace.

DSPider consists of 40 separate modules that can be linked by the user in countless different ways, providing a unique and revolutionary approach to the creation of user defined processors. Modules range from simple operators such as add, multiply, shift, etc, to multi-functional modules like filters, oscillators, envelope followers, pitch trackers, etc. Flexible delay modules allow the creation of complex user defined reverbs while graphic interfaces like sliders, numeric readouts, plasma meters, scopes, etc, allow the creation of complex graphics. All modules can be easily programmed and patched with a simple dragand-drop procedure.

The library comprises over 170 patches and includes compressors, reverbs, equalizers, limiters, synths, noise reduction systems, 3D effects, de-essers, sound effects generators, etc. New patches will be periodically released and updated by DUY, making DSPider an open and updateable platform. The open philosophy of DUY's DSPider also allows and encourages Third Parties to develop and commercialize their own patches. A "Locked Patch" feature allows both developers and users to maintain the secrecy of their algorithms.

Two working modes, Advanced and Reader allow a large working surface for editing as well as a reduced screen mode for running patches. Instant assistance with electronic instructions is provided by help balloons and "talking help".

The exclusive Patch Manager feature allows programmable switching between patches via automation controls, thus allowing optimization of DSP resources and a degree of control and flexibility never seen before.

DSPider is currently available for the Digidesign TDM Bus. Pro Tools 4.1 and upwards, full automation and Pro Tools|24 hardware are fully supported.

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