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Dyna-Touch Plus Stage 100
(Click for a close-up of the controls)
Dyna-Touch Plus Stage 160
(Click for a close-up of the controls)

This summer, Fender introduces an entirely new line of solid-state amps that combine Fender's Dyna-Touch circuitry with one of today's most sought after onboard amplifier components: DSP. Versatile, reliable and full of digital effects, the new Dyna-Touch Plus series are feature-packed solid state amps.

The pairing of Dyna-Touch technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects has created an expressive and fun family of Fender guitar amplifiers. With models ranging from the compact Bullet 15 DSP all the way up to the 160 Watt Stage 160 DSP--there's even a Stage 100 DSP head!--the Dyna-Touch Plus series offers a variety of amplifiers to meet the needs of every guitarist.

Perfect for effects lovers and home recording enthusiasts with their digital Room, Hall & Plate Reverbs, Delays, Chorus and Flanges, the Dyna-Touch Plus series amplifiers open up the possibility of many different digital effect combinations right there on one amplifier.

For starters, the new Dyna-Touch Plus Stage 160 DSP is the top of the line amplifier that overflows with raw power and professional features. When the situation calls for a loud amplifier that won't compromise tone, the Stage 160 DSP gets the job done. Its three channels are engineered to provide loads of crystal-clean headroom and a raucous and bluesy middle ground, and there is also a "More Drive" circuit for that extra kick.

This 160 Watt amp has two Celestion G12-T100 speakers and three channel operation (Normal, Drive, More Drive). The Normal channel has volume, treble, mid and bass controls, as do the Drive channels. DSP controls include FX Select, FX Level, Time/Rate, Reverb Type, Reverb Level and Mid Contour controls function on all channels. The 2-button, 3-function footswitch and casters are included. Dimensions are: 18.5"H x 26.1"W x 10.3"D. Weight is 53 lbs. United States MSRP is $785.50.

Befitting its name, the new Stage 100 DSP can deliver in a variety of performance situations. A full 100 Watts and a 1x12" Celestion G-12 T100 speaker can carry any room. In addition, the Stage 100 DSP offers the added versatility of three channels, independent EQ and touch sensitive dynamic response.

Additional features include three channel operation with Normal, Drive and More Drive channels. Volume, treble, mid and bass controls for the Normal channel; gain, volume, treble, mid, and bass controls. There's also a balanced line out and external speaker out for the Drive channel, allowing 160 Watt operation with an additional 8 Ohm speaker.. DSP controls include FX Select, FX Level, Time/Rate, Reverb Type, Reverb Level and Mid Contour controls. A 2-button, 3-function footswitch is included. Dimensions are: 17.5"H x 22.4"W x 10.2"D. Weight is 42 lbs. United States MSRP is $649.99.

In the 90 Watt range, Fender introduces the Deluxe 90 DSP. Once again, the Deluxe 90 DSP offers the versatility of three channels: Normal, Drive and More Drive. The Celestion G12 T100 speaker allows plenty of headroom for clean tones at higher volumes, grinding crunch with its Drive options, and features the full-tilt dynamics of Fender's More Drive circuit.

The Deluxe 90 DSP features volume, treble, mid and bass controls for all channels. DSP Controls include FX Select, FX Level and Time/Rate. The 2-button, 3-function footswitch is included. Dimensions are: 16.5"H x 20.6"W x 9"D. Weight is 33 lbs. United States MSRP id $571.00.

And then there's the new mid-sized amplifier, the Princeton 65 DSP. The Princeton 65 DSP serves up 65 Watts through a 1x12" Fender Special Design Eminence speaker. Volume, treble and bass controls for the Normal channel; Volume, Drive, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls for the Drive channel; FX Select and FX level controls for DSP. Dimensions are: 16.5"H x 18.75"W x 9"D. Weight is 28 lbs. United States MSRP is $479.99.

In the small amplifier range is the Champion 30 DSP. The Champion 30 DSP offers 30 Watts through a 1x10" Fender Special Design speaker, Dual footswitch selectable channels, dual inputs and a headphone jack. DSP controls include FX Select and FX Level. Dimensions are: 15.5"H x 17"W x 8.25"H. Weight is 25 lbs. United States MSRP is $328.50.

And finally, Fender offers the Bullet 15' DSP. Classic Fender tone and style come in this new 15 Watt practice amp with digital effects. AThe Bullet Reverb's CD input and headphone jack allow play-along versatility.

The Bullet 15 DSP has a 1x8" Fender Special Design speaker, dual selectable channels, global treble, mid, bass and reverb controls. DSP Controls include a 16-position FX Select control. Dimensions are: 12.5"H x 13.25"W x 7.25"D. Weight is 15 lbs. United States MSRP is $228.50.

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