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Digidesign announces the availability of DirectConnect, a new host-based synthesizer/sampler streaming tool, for Pro Tools|24 MIX systems (v5.0 software required). Marking the next step in sampling/synthesis integration for Pro Tools, DirectConnect allows audio data from a software synthesizer or sampler to route directly into the Pro Tools mix environment. It supports up to 32 discrete channels from host synth/sampling applications. Each of input streams from the host applications can be independently routed, recorded, processed, automated and mixed within the Pro Tools environment.

With DirectConnect, Digidesign reaches a new milestone in enabling the DAW–based studio to be a bonafide instrument of music and sound creation. A number of third-party applications are supported, including Koblo’s Studio 9000 and Retro AS-1 and Unity DS-1 by Bitheadz, with support from ReBirth by Propellerheads, and Reaktor by Native Instruments coming soon.

DirectConnect features streaming of up to 32 channels of 24-bit audio directly into Pro Tools, integration of third-party applications, real-time automation and audio processing, and total recall of the plug-in’s setup (if supported by the third-party application).

DirectConnect requires Pro Tools v5.0 software and is available now as a free DigiRack plug-in for Mac OS-based Pro Tools|24 MIX systems. It will be included with future Pro Tools software releases. DirectConnect support for Mac-based Pro Tools LE systems, such as Digi 001, is arriving soon with Windows compatibility to follow.

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