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Housed in a purple 2U metal chassis, DigiTech's new 2120 Valve Guitar System is a fully-programmable tube guitar preamp and multi-effects processor for studio or live applications. Picking up where the company's 2112 Studio Guitar System left off, the 2120VGS comes complete with numerous new artist presets and increased delay times, as well as permits configuration selection from within the presets.

Designed to look and feel more like a traditional guitar amplifier than an effects unit, the preamp's parameter controls are located on the front panel, giving users instant control over the principal aspects of their sound. The 2112 features dual distortion paths, allowing the unit's tube distortion (using two 12AX7s) and solid state distortion to be run in parallel. When panned hard left and right, these distortions can create a huge sound. The dual paths also provide exceptionally smooth morphing between clean and distorted sounds.

The 2120VGS' dual S-DISC II processors help provide seamless patch changes allowing delays and reverbs to fully decay even after the program has been changed-and morphing capabilities never before found in a guitar preamp/processor of this caliber. Based on the operating system of DigiTech's award-winning Studio Quad, the 2120VGS' effects section is not only flexible, but easy to use. A large, custom LCD display, jog wheel and backlit buttons additionally add to the user-friendliness of the system.

Effects include: Compression, Analog Wah, Tube Distortion (via two 12AX7s), Solid-State Distortions, Digital EQ, Noise Gates, Reverbs, Choruses, Hangers, Intelligent and Smooth Pitch Shifters, Detuners, Smooth Whammy, Phasers, Tremolos, Auto Panners, Rotary Speaker Emulation, Cabinet Emulation and more. The 2120VGS also features full MIDI implementation and a Chromatic tuner.

The 2120VGS also comes equipped with the 2120FC floor controller. Similar to DigiTech's new Control 8, the 2120FC features seven footswitches to provide easy and quick access to any of the 2120VGS' presets. An on-board expression pedal is also available to offer guitarists real-time control of their volume and other effects parameters.

Combining guitar tones and digital effects to produce sounds that will satisfy even the most discriminating players, DigiTech's 2120 Valve Guitar System features a suggested U.S. retail price of $1,149.95.

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