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Las Vegas, NV, April 16-19 2012 • Booth #C2252—UK  digital console manufacturer DiGiCo is pleased to showcase its latest digital  broadcast offerings at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas. Hosted by its  U.S. distributor, Group One Ltd., DiGiCo will feature the newly  launched UB MADI interface, the Purple Box optical converter, three digital broadcast consoles (SD7B, SD10-24B and SD11B),  the newly supercharged SD9, and a pair of remote racks (SD-Nano and  SD-Mini).

Broadcast providers across the globe rely on DiGiCo products. The  digital consoles—used by teleproduction outsourcing companies like NEP  on various events including X-Games, PGA Tour golf and NASCAR—provide  cost-effective solutions with enough busses to cope with the most demanding level broadcast's fast-past demands.

“We have a heritage within the broadcast industry from our Soundtracs  days,” says DiGiCo’s managing director, James Gordon. “It’s exciting to  be back with a set of consoles that address the entire scope of the  broadcast market’s needs.”


Product Spotlight (find full releases & hi-res images in attached NAB Press Kit):

is a simple plug-and-play device that automatically detects the MADI  input format and clock selection and allows any computer to instantly  connect via USB 2.0.  ASIO or Core Audio drivers allow connection to almost any DAW  with a MAC or PC. UB MADI uses the latest Stealth Digital Processing  FPGA technology from DiGiCo’s award-winning SD range of consoles, yet  fits into your pocket and delivers 48 simultaneous inputs and outputs, totaling an unprecedented 96 channels of audio I/O  to a standard USB 2.0 port.

DiGiCo’s Purple Box is a simple yet elegant solution to greatly extend the possible distance  beyond the reach of a standard coaxial MADI or CAT5E connection. The  CAT5E/MADI-to-optical converter is housed in a 1U rackmount device with  two completely independent I/O structures allowing conversion from Coaxial CAT5E/MADI-to-optical or vice versa. The device  has Dual Redundant Power Supplies and can ship with ST, HMA or  OpticalCon connections.

DiGiCo SD7B has the routing capacity, processing ability and a generous user interface to form the heart of the most complex  broadcast audio productions. Multiple operator engineering is made easy  by the provision of three giant 15” TFT LCD touch screens, each of which  sits above a bank of 12 faders. Adding EX-007 Expander Units takes the active physical fader count to 100 without any  need to access input channel banks.

Either way you’ll see your complete signal flow laid out with  unprecedented clarity, with the worksurface handling up to 996  simultaneous optical plus 224 MADI, 24 analogue and AES/EBU connections  on an SD7B system, along with 128 busses (each with full processing in mono, stereo, LCR or 5.1), 32 matrix busses and 32, 32-band graphic  equalizers.

The backlit polycarbonate work surface with its HTL (Hidden Till Lit)  indicators is both a vision of clarity in any ambient light, and a  paragon of durability.

Two new-generation Tiger SHARC® chips provide an awesome array of high  quality reverbs and effects, and you have the option to specify an  integral Waves® Soundgrid, with its own dedicated processing engine, for  access to ultra low-latency broadcast-specific plug-ins that take no resources from the console’s main processing  engine. You have the reassurance of two complete redundant,  hot-swappable processing engines fitted as standard within the console.

With unique, innovative touches like built-in VNL video monitoring, IDM  (interactive dynamic metering) and a design that will give you full  dynamic equalization on any single path simultaneously, never has so  much power to design, create, fine-tune, mix and master been so literally at your fingertips.

The diminutive powerhouse, the
SD11B,  with 32 full flexi channels and also 19'' rack mountable if required, now incorporates true  broadcast functionality such as Surround Busses with Multi channel  folding and unfolding, Mix Minus, Talk to Direct/mix minus out, complete  5.1 monitor matrix with a 48 by 6 source to speaker selection. Back stop and Auto Fader PFL, Audio Follows Video.

SD10B, or its physically smaller sibling the SD10-24B, provide a potent blend of features, performance, flexibility and sonic  clarity at a price point that brings advanced digital technology to a  wider broadcast market than ever before. Facilities include 96 channels  with full processing, 12 of which are Flexi Channels that can be configured as mono or stereo, with full processing  available in either mode, 48 assignable busses that offer multiple  configurations, plus a stereo, LCR or 5.1 master buss and a complete 5.1  monitoring matrix with a 48 x 6 source to speaker selection.

The newly supercharged
SD9 is  a complete, integrated system powered by Stealth Digital Processing™, which includes the mixing  surface, a D-Rack digital stage interface and CAT5E digital multicore,  with the additional ability to simultaneously record 56 channels direct  to your favorite multitrack software or DAW. And it all comes at a price which makes the SD9 the perfect solution for  touring bands, schools, conference centers, smaller theatres, houses of  worship and a host of other applications where exceptional performance  and flexibility need to be realized on a tight budget. The upgraded software offers a significant expansion in Channel  count, Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and Matrix, and the addition  of DiGiTuBes, Reorder of Busses and Multichannel inputs (formerly only  available on SD7), and so much more!

SD-MINI is 4U rack-mounted box that uses 4 SD rack cards and can have any configuration of I/O’s for analog or digital  connections. The MINI Rack offers the same benefits of multiple sample  rates as the SD Rack.

SD-NANO is 2U rack-mounted Optics-only SD rack that can accommodate two SD rack cards.

About DiGiCo
DiGiCo  is a UK-based manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular,  successful and ground-breaking digital mixing consoles for the live,  theatre, broadcast and post production industries and is exclusively distributed in the  U.S. by Group One Ltd. of Farmingdale, New York. For more information,  go to: www.digico.org <http://www.digico.org>

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