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Following in the footsteps of the DN-M2000R, introduced late last year, the new Denon DN-M2300R is a dual MiniDisc player and recorder for the DJ industry.

Perfect for custom-editing songs and creating dance compilations, the DN-M2300R is a "true" DJ MiniDisc machine featuring two independent MD drive units-one record/playback and one playback-only. Aside from full-feature editing and dubbing capabilities, the Denon machine permits multiple levels of "Undo" and "Redo" for correcting mistakes or A/B-ing different mix ideas. When dubbing MDs, the DN-M2300R can internally dub the disc name, track names and cue points as well, eliminating the need to re-name tracks.

Up to five cue points can be assigned to each track for quick searching, with more than 50 tracks available per disc. Using the Cue Search function, these cue points can be accessed just like separate tracks. Cue points can also be used as pre-defined A-B loop points, and a loop's 'Start Point A' and 'End Point B' may be set without interrupting playback. With the DN-M2300R, perfectly seamless A-B looping of any time and length is possible.

A Hot Start feature allows songs or sound effects to be loaded into memory locations for instant playback at the touch of one of the machine's ten front-panel Hot Start buttons (five for each drive). Sound can be loaded into Hot Start from any track location, and loaded tracks may continually be replaced with new tracks. Unlike sampling, Hot Start has no memory limitations.

New, bright and detailed dual fluorescent tube displays (one for each MD transport) give the DJ full indication about disc play status, elapsed and remaining timing, and other important visual information and confirmation. A unique ten-segment "countdown" bar graph provides a quick at-a-glance visual indication of current position within a playing track.

Dual jog/shuttle wheels, similar to those found on Denon's DN-250OF and DN-200OF Mark 3 pro DJ CD players, are provided enabling smooth search and scan.

Once a track has been selected, the MD player's Auto Cue function cues it to the point where audio starts, rather than where the track starts. The level at which sound is first detected can be set between -36 and -60 dB (five steps). Playback starts less than 0.01 second after the PLAY button is pressed (Instant Start). Users can also set a level with which DN-M2300R automatically starts recording.

The DN-M2300R's Pitch Control slider may be set to offer pitch adjustment up to +/-8.0 percent of playback speed in 0.1 percent steps. A Pitch Bend feature, adjustable up to +/-9.9 percent, is additionally available.

With the MD machine's Next Track Reserve function, upcoming tracks can be selected by their track number and song title without interrupting current playback. This eliminates the hassle of having to search through a play list to find a specific track number.

Ten-second "shock-proof' digital memory guards against audible interruptions due to external mechanical shocks such as bumps or other hard vibrations, which is especially helpful for the mobile DJ as well as for nightclub-installed applications.

Aside from the standard analog inputs and outputs, two digital output ports-one for each MD transport-allow the DN-M2300R to be used as a digital transport for dubbing and/or editing purposes. For compatibility with the widest range of digital recorders and editing equipment, the DN-230OR is equipped with coaxial digital jacks conforming to the standard IEC-958/SPDIF interface.

In Program Play mode, each drive can memorize up to three different program sets of 25 tracks each, as well as automatically recognize the program when loaded (great for the cocktail or dinner hour). Furthermore, with the Auto Play Start feature, the DN-M2300R will play either the Program Memory, Repeat One or All Disc modes upon power-up.

The suggested U.S. retail price on the Denon DN-M2300R is $2,200.00.

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