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Gaithersburg, MD - The DC Voltage Company introduces the P3 Signature
Series David Barber Overdrive Pedal.  This pedal combines the legendary
tone of the Barber Overdrive circuit with P3 Technology that's built
into a professional-grade pedal.  P3 Signature Series Pedals start with
audio circuitry licensed from known designers and combine it with
patented P3 Technology.

With softer midrange and wider frequency response than typical overdrive
pedals, David Barber's overdrive circuitry includes 4558 op-amps.  A
toggle switch on the top surface of the pedal allows easy control of the
unique Boosted Bypass feature: toggle it on and the bypassed signal is
also boosted cleanly by an amount set with the Drive knob; toggle it off
and the bypass signal passes through untouched.  This unique feature
offers a fantastic way to prevent "tone suck" when driving long cables
or low impedance pedals.  This is the world's first pedal to include
this selectable and adjustable Boosted Bypass feature, also known as
David Barber's killer “B-Buff”.

Remotely supplying abundant, regulated power via standard cables, P3
Technology completely eliminates the need for 9-volt batteries, cuts
power cabling, cumbersome wall-warts, and the need for AC mains at the
pedalboard; stabilizes tone while greatly suppressing if not entirely
eliminating ground-loop hum; stops voltage droop and resulting signal
loss or degradation; and makes the dreaded "dead on arrival" of drained
batteries a pain of the past.

The P3 Signature Series David Barber Overdrive Pedal, priced at US $149
and available directly from http://dcvoltage.net/p3/overdrive, includes
comprehensive instructions, full support ...and a 9-volt battery.  P3
Technology allows the battery to remain installed yet electrically
disconnected, ensuring it does not accidentally discharge and is
available in an emergency or when P3 Power is not available.
When set to use P3 Power, P3 Pedals actually reverse the purpose of
their DC barrel connectors, making them into 9-volt power sources,
perfect for daisy-chaining, or “Power-Chaining”, to stock pedals.  This
uncommonly useful benefit reiterates the highly-adaptable versatility of
P3 Technology.

As with all P3 Technology -- called "a pedal junky's best friend," and
"a godsend for professional musicians" -- power flows one way and signal
the other over a single cable, while power problems and concerns
essentially vanish.  Jason Robling, President of DC Voltage Company,
summarizes the P3 Signature Series David Barber Overdrive Pedal as
"legendary overdrive plus boostable bypass meets the definitive end to
pedal power problems.”

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