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In creating the sound design for the Combo Sister transistor combo organ VST instrument, DashSythesis examined in detail the characteristics of Rheem Mk VII, Farfisa Compact and Vox Continental. The result is an instrument that is not merely a clone of a single organ model, but an original virtual instrument with that retro sound.

Unique to this emulation is the ability to have a mix of the Vox + Farfisa sound. This is achieved by a combination of drawbars, timbre switches, and oscillator bank selections. Much analysis has been carried out to design the several filters which shape the timbre of Combo Sister, even to the extent of a software simulation of original analoge schematics.

Sister features:

  • 2 oscillator banks:
    • Transistor "enriched sine wave" sound (for "hammond imitator" electric organs)
    • Transistor square wave (for buzzer combo!)
    • Extra Bass oscillators bank for 16' and 8' ranks
  • 6 drawstops 16', 5 1/3', 8', 4', 2 2/3', 2' - 5 1/3' can be switched to one of two higher ranks 1 1/3' or 1' + 1 3/5'
  • 4 timbre stops - Add (no filter), String, Reed, Flute,
  • Effects:
    • Percussion: switch (special amplitude envelope)
    • Sustain: switch (long release)
    • Tremolo: with Rate and Depth knobs
    • Vibrato: with Rate and Depth knobs
    • Booster: smooth analogue saturator with switch and distortion amount knob
    • Transistor: knob for electric click and analogue noisines amount
    • Soft: tone smoother knob
  • Extra controls :
    • Master Fine Tune: -+ 50 cents
    • Max Voices Poliphony selection : 2 to 16 voices
    • MIDI Velocity sensivity switch
    • Render Quality switch
  • Help on-line with MIDI CC# map by the option menu
  • The coolest presets ready to play
  • 3D retro graphic interface
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