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The KAOSS PAD puts realtime effect processing at your fingertips for any type of audio source, including records, CD, samplers, or keyboards. This new "X-Y pad" effect controller is the perfect way to create powerful new effect sounds. It can be controlled just as if you were playing a musical instrument, and offers new possibilities for DJ mixing, sound processing, live performance, and in any other part of the music scene.

Control effects freely with the X-Y pad

On the KAOSS PAD, the way in which the effect is applied can be controlled completely by the X-Y pad. Since the X-Y pad lets you control separate parameters in the horizontal and vertical directions, you can do things like simultaneously controlling the delay time and the feedback of a delay line, or simultaneously modifying the cutoff and resonance of a filter --- complex operations that would be cumbersome with sliders or knobs. The X-Y pad can also be scraped or tapped (struck lightly) to control the effect sound, letting you produce switch-type effects that are impossible with knobs or sliders, and making it possible to control the effects in time with a rhythm or phrase --- just as if you were playing a musical instrument.

Sixty versatile effect programs ideal for DJ mixing or mix taping

The numerous effects include spatial-type effects such as delay, reverb and pitch shifter; filters to process the sound; and modulation-type effects such as flanger, phaser and pan. Sixty "effect programs" ideal for DJ mixing or sound design are provided in internal memory, and can be controlled by movements on the X-Y pad. Effect programs can also be selected easily by turning a knob, and can be assigned to any of the six buttons for immediate recall. You can also press a Hold switch to freeze the effect setting at the current location of the X-Y pad. From simple effects to highly complex transformations of the sound, the KAOSS PAD makes it easy to control every detail, and is the ideal tool for DJ mixing or for the mixdown process.

Sampling function

You can use the KAOSS PAD to sample an external audio source (for a maximum of 5 seconds at 48 kHz) and then control that sound from the pad. The sampled source can be modified using a variety of effects such as time stretch, reverse playback, and pitch change --- an ideal way to create sound material for further sampling or to integrate sampled effects into your live act.

Easy connection to turntable, CD player or instruments

The compact-sized KAOSS PAD can be easily set up even in limited space, providing high-quality effect processing for any audio source. It is designed to allow effects to be easily controlled with minimal movement, and provides connectors for simple interfacing with any audio device, making it the ideal effect controller for DJ or live situations. And of course, its digital processing ensures that the audio quality of the input source will not be compromised in the least.

Connect a mic and use as an effects device for MC or vocal

By connecting a microphone to the MIC IN jack, you can apply the internal effects to your voice or even sample yourself--- and use the X-Y pad to freely control the results. The KAOSS PAD is a powerful addition to any vocal or MC setup, or when laying tracks.

Use as a MIDI controller for synthesizers, samplers, effects, or other external devices

By connecting a MIDI device to the MIDI OUT connector, you can use the KAOSS PAD to control the sounds and effects of an external keyboard, sampler, or effect processor. You can freely set which MIDI controller number the horizontal and vertical directions send out to match the pad to any desired parameters of your favorite piece of gear. The KAOSS PAD can function as a versatile MIDI controller on stage or when recording on your sequencer.

Kaoss Pad Specifications

  • Effect Variations: 12 types
  • Number of Programs: 60
  • Inputs: LINE IN (stereo RCA pin jack) / PHONO IN (stereo RCA pin jack) / MIC IN (phone jack)
  • OUTPUT: LINE OUT (stereo RCA pin jack)
  • Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
  • AD/DA Conversion: 18 bit linear
  • Power Supply / Ground: DC12V (AC adapter), ground terminal (for phono)
  • Accessories: AC adapter(DC12V/700mA), Protection sheet for X-Y pad
  • Dimensions: 203(W) x 174(D) x 59(H) mm / 8.0"(W) x 6.6"(D) x 2.3"(H), (including knobs)
  • Weight: 800g / 1.8lbs
  • Accessories: AC adapter(DC12V/700mA), Protection sheet for X-Y pad

* Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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