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Fairlight used the 119th AES convention to unveil the DREAM Constellation-ANTHEM. The multi-configurable digital audio console unites all recording, mixing and editing functions into one powerful console. The configurations meticulously resemble traditional split recording consoles, classic in-line mixing consoles, and the most advanced audio post-production consoles. Fully integrated into the digital environment, the Constellation-ANTHEM effectively provides today's multi-media creators three consoles in one.

"Fairlight's heritage is firmly rooted in the music community -- so when we decided to offer music recording and mixing tools, we knew it was imperative that the console not only sound great but also provided studios with the functionality and versatility that would equip them to better address today's commercial environment," said Stuart DeMarais, Fairlight Sales and Marketing Director. "The Constellation-ANTHEM continues this tradition by combining our market-proven DREAM technologies with an array of recording and mixing configurations. The result is a revolutionary new multi-purpose console that combines 30 years of technology in one versatile unit. The Constellation-ANTHEM redefines the essence of today's studio and reaffirms Fairlight's rich history in innovative music creation."

Constellation-ANTHEM offers users an array of configurations to meet the needs of today's evolving studio. At the heart of the Constellation-ANTHEM is the combination of mixing console and multi-track recorder, configurable in three modes enabling the audio professional to assign the console to the specific task at hand. Each fully featured channel on the Anthem system provides six bands of Parametric EQ, a two stage Dynamics processor with Gate, Expander and Limiter and up to 12 Auxiliary sends. Channels can be configured in any format from Mono up to 7.1 surround.

The Split Mode provides users a traditional split-desk configuration, ideal for recording purposes. Split Mode consists of 48 fully featured inputs with 96 fully featured monitor returns each with an associated recording and playback track, for a total of 144 channels.

A second operational mode is based on the classic In-Line mixing desk format. In-Line Mode is configurable in two settings: Classic In-Line with 96 long faders and 96 short faders (192 channels in total), where a fully featured channel's resources are shared between the input and the monitor's path; and In-Line Plus, which offers 72 long faders and 72 short faders (144 channels) delivering a unique setup with full 6-band equalizer and full dynamic section allocated to both input and return paths. Channels may be sent to any of the four Main mix busses each of which may be user configured for Mono or up to 7.1 formats. This feature allows the operator to mix for stereo and surround formats from within a single Mix project.

Each of the traditional operational modes above is instantly apparent to an experienced operator meaning no training is required and effectively assuring a zero learning curve according to the company.

The third mode, Constellation, offers the post-production technologies synonymous with the Fairlight DREAM family. The console can quickly move back and forth between modes, enabling users to maximize the resourcefulness of their studio environment.

The console design philosophy remains consistent with the DREAM family of consoles and incorporates a surface designed specifically to support super transport modes, vital to mixing applications. The intuitive layout provides a surface that is familiar and easily operable for either recording, mixing or editing in a post environment. The built-in hi-resolution TFT screens allow operators to view or control multiple external DAWs and PCs. In addition, the screens can be configured to display the console functions, allowing users to directly drive the control surface through the touch screen. Utilizing Fairlight's industry-first OLED technology, the Constellation-ANTHEM precisely maps familiar control parameters to the tactile controls on the in line panel, and the color renditions on the centrally located TFT enable users to sit down and instantly be familiar with the work surface. A "pop up" on-screen keyboard enables users to instantly input data into the project without cannibalizing valuable surface space.

A virtual master section can be called up to a pre-designated position on the surface through a dedicated key, further streamlining the configuration process. Delivered in two to nine bay chassis configurations, studios can tailor the console surfaces for their current needs with the option of easily enhancing and expanding the unit in the future.

The monitoring system provides the operator immense flexibility within the digital environment, providing instant access to any buss, auxiliary and easy access to sixteen external feeds that can be fed to any one of the 9 available speaker sets. Every function on the console can be automated. In addition the entire console can be instantly recalled with snapshot precision.

Six QDC cards power the Constellation-ANTHEM, providing unprecedented processing speed to increase throughput. In addition, the Constellation-ANTHEM, like the entire DREAM family, is a PC-hosted platform that allows users to integrate and automate into the mix over 240 third-party VST and Creamware plug-ins.

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