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MacAudioLab.com, makers of Mac audio tutorials, has released a comprehensive and cost-effective tutorial for MOTU Digital Performer 3. "The Complete Digital Performer 3 Series" is a 5 CD-ROM set that covers over 5 hours of in-depth video tutorials on Digital Performer. The CDs are cross-platform and can be viewed in a large Quicktime window format -- up to a 720X480 window. PDF documentation accompanies the CD-ROMs for a searchable archive of topics as well as where to find them on the CD-ROM.

Beginning CD Chapters cover: • Project Files/Folders • Control Panel • Saving & Loading Projects/Files • Mini-menus • Mixing Board functions • Grouping • Assigning MIDI controllers to the Mixing Board • Insert Effects • Polar • Printing Effects in Polar • Remote Control of Polar • Recording Audio & MIDI • Input Filter • Input Quantize • Selections Primer • Smart Selections • Windows Overview • Window Functions • Keyboard Shortcut Commands • Working with Time Formats • Looping • Repeating • Creating a Window Set • Commands Window • MIDI Commands Shortcuts • Mac Keyboard Command Shortcuts.

Intermediate CD chapters cover: • Intro to Audio Effects • DC Notch • Trim • Sonic Modulator• Ring Modulator • Processing with Side Chains • Dynamics Control tricks • Quan Jr. • Trigger • MasterWorks Compressor • MasterWorks Gate • MasterWorks Limiter • Explaining Dithering • Bouncing to Disk • Fades • Crossfades • Splice Points • Creating & Editing Multiple Fades • Markers • Using Markers with Film • Recording Hits • DSP Primer • Timescaling Audio • Transposing Audio • Spectral Effects • Soundbites & DSP • Sequence Editor • Sync Points • Event Flags • Graphic Editor Overview • Zooming Techniques • Scrubbing Audio • Waveform Editor • Loops Mode.

Advanced CD chapters covers: • Chunks, Songs • Set End Times • Loading Chunks • Creating Songs • Drum Editor • Display modes & Drum Editing Tools • FreeMIDI Setup • Custom Icons • MIDI Menu • MIDI Effects • Native Instruments FM7 setup in DP3 • Native Instruments Battery setup in DP3 • setting up Battery in the Drum Editor • OMS • Setting up Reason in DP3 • Communicating w/ OMS devices • Patchlist Manager • Entering Patches Manually • Radikal Technologies SAC 2.2 Video.

Bonus CD Chapters covers: • Dolby Labs presents Surround Sound in DP3 • Mixing in Surround • Working with Quicktime Movies • Conductor Track • SynchroArts Vocalign • KOL RealVerb • Mixing Automation • Metric Halo ChannelStrip • Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle • Audio Ease Altiverb • IK Multimedia SampleTank XL • Antares Auto-Tune • Antares Mic Modeler • Quick Start Addendum • and more..

"The Complete Digital Performer 3 Series" CD-ROM series is available directly from the company's website for $95.

MacAudioLab is also offering a promotional price on it's upcoming "The Complete Mac Audio Laptop Series", which is being released in late July. Customers can pre-order the new Laptop tutorials for over 45% off the price (promotional price of $50) until July 31, 2002 directly from their website. The website also has a new Digital Performer tips and tricks section that will be updated weekly and links to Digital Performer related sites.

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