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The Derek Trucks Band had their equipment trailer stolen in Atlanta the night of March 10, 2006. Harmony-Central is asking our community, particularly those in the greater Atlanta area, to be on the lookout for any of the following gear.

Here is a list of the key items that were in the DTB trailer. This is not a complete list but these are the items we're most likely to spot and hopefully recover. Please contact (303)778-1156 immediately if you have any information.

1) Pearl 5-piece Drum Kit (Black)
Serial numbers: 652623, 642341, 83233, 6526231, 65216

2) '66 Fender blackface Super Reverb with Weber DT-10 speakers.
Serial number: A13225

3) '65 Fender blackface Super Reverb with Pile Driver speakers; has external bias and plate voltage testpoints on rear next to line cord. EXT speaker jack has been converted to a line output.
Serial number: A06896

4) Hammond B-3 w/custom Leslie foot switch
Serial number: pending

5) Leslie cabinet, model 147
Serial number: H25474

6) Hohner Clavinet model E7
Serial number: 3447 410

7) Yamaha Motif keyboard
Serial number: IHO1189

8) Cool 1974 Ampeg SVT Bass Head
Serial number: 112149

9) Ampeg 4X10 bass cabinet
Serial number: pending

10) 4 LP Congas in soft bags

11) '96 Matchless Chieftain 2X10 combo amp
Serial number: pending

12) Mikes:
3 Shure SM57
2 Shure SM58
Shure Beta 52
2 AKG 460
3 EV 406
Neuman KM184
2 Sennheiser 421
Beyer M88
2 AKG C414

13) Furman-PL plus power conditioner
Serial number: 7Z37

14) Drawmer DL441 4 channel compressor
Serial number: 706

15) 3 DBX 160A compressors
Serial numbers: pending

16) TC Electronics D2-Delay Unit
Serial number: 3107455

17) Yamaha SPX90 effects processor
Serial number: 26308

18) Cool Tascam DAPI DAT recorder
Serial number: 580001

19: Midas Mixing Console
Serial number: 173052 0324011056

20) Tascam 8 track model DA78HR
Serial number: 100101

21) Tascam 8 track model DA38
Serial number: 270262

22) Tascam 8 track model DA38
Serial number: 40369

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