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Cinamatique Instruments has announced the release of a brand new library of rare and unique instruments. The library contains wonderful string sounds such as an autoharp and a kantele and keyboard instruments like a Rhodes MARK I, a rehearsal piano, and special processed low-cost-keyboards. There are also some new, specially created instruments (percussion & mallets) such as Glass, Lids, Handrail, and Kitchen. For it's of utmost importance to make all instruments & patches playable in a natural and organic way. Cinematique Instruments is a library full of expressive and unique tools for people who are writing music, no matter what kind of music. Pricing for individual instruments starts at €5. http://www.cinematique-instruments.com Summary of all instruments:
String instruments:
Autoharp — This is a stringed instrument with a series of chord bars. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp — it's a chorded zither — and it's the perfect instrument to give subtle highlights to all kinds of music (6 patches) Baritone Ukelele Muted — This is the largest size of ukulele and is tuned differently to the others (D-G-B-E, the same as the last four strings of a standard guitar, as opposed to G-C-E-A). We've concentrated on the muted played notes which can add beautiful light and subtle elements to your music. (3 patches)
Kantele — This a traditional plucked string instrument of the zither family native to Finland and Estonia with a distinctive bell-like sound and a diatonic tuning. We've made a Kontakt patch to play it in a chromatic tuning. (3 patches)
Key Instruments:
Magnus Harmonica Orgon — This little organ uses an electric fan to blow air across reeds, like a giant harmonica with keys. (3 patches)
Super Sound EK-470 — This is the processed e-piano sound of a low-cost, garbage keyboard for just €25. The sound is warm and crunchy. (3 patches)
Zeitter & Winklemann Piano — This is our rehearsal piano, located in one of our control rooms. It's got a warm and organic charm. (3 patches)
Mallets/Percussion (Tunes):
Glass — A collection of glasses and vases in different sizes. We scrubbed, rubbed, tapped and hit all the glass and made some very nice instruments out of it. (3 patches)
Metallic Objects/Lids — A collection of lid sounds. We struck the lids with fingers and recorded various sounds. It allows you to make up your own lid-mallet sound.
Metallic Objects/Kitchen, Handrail — This is a collection of sounds, noises, crashes, and bangs made with our studio fixture and fittings: our iron kitchen and our staircase with its huge handrail. The result is astonishing: experimental percussion, strange, and remarkable mallets. Percussion — All percussion sounds are easy to play in a lively, realistic, and organic way (no loops). Available as a multi set or single instruments of: bongos, chimes, guiro, ocean drum, shaker, spring drum, and tambourine. Just in the multi are: toms, cymbals, and wood There is also a collection 5 of different shakers — 2 chicken eggs, 2 wood shaker (small + large) and one plastic shaker.
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