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Munich, 2012-06-04 (ictw) - Celemony’s top product, Melodyne editor, as well as the smaller editions, Melodyne assistant and essential, are now  available in Version 2.1. The new version features increased reliability and compatibility as well as other improvements.

In addition to Melodyne’s pitch correction, which is used and valued all  over the world, Melodyne editor offers additional editing functions that make day-to-day msic production simpler and inspire users to greater heights of creativity in their handling of audio. Released at the end of last year, Version 2 brought extended timing tools, comprehensive scale functions and – like the smaller editions – Rewire support. With Version 2.1, Celemony has now introduced further improvements from which all three editions benefit.
Version 2.1 brings workflow improvements, including a new zoom function and an intelligent compare function in ARA mode. Other improvements result in  enhanced reliability and performance. These include the ability to reduce the maximum number of undo steps in order to reduce RAM consumption. A variety of bug fixes enhance both stability and compatibility: the program’s interaction, for example, with Cakewalk Sonar and Presonus Studio One. The update from Version 2.0 to Version 2.1 is free of charge and recommended  to all users.

For further information on Melodyne, please visit: www.celemony.com

Images to accompany this press release can be found at:

About Melodyne and Celemony
Melodyne has since its introduction in 2001 been regarded as extraordinarily innovative, good-sounding and musical audio software. The strength and  uniqueness of Melodyne lies in the fact that it understands digital recordings as music and is capable of  recognizing and displaying their constituent notes. So Melodyne speaks  the language of musicians and offers them musical elements to edit  rather than raw technical data. With a function set refined and expanded over the years, Melodyne is now even capable –  thanks to its patented DNA Direct Note Access technology – of editing  individual notes within chords. This development is regarded as a milestone in recording technology and has won worldwide recognition beyond the frontiers of the industry. The German  magazine Der Spiegel, for instance, ran an article on Melodyne in 2008  beneath the headline “Photoshop for Sounds”, whilst the New York  Times described the technology as “a music-recognition breakthrough.”

Melodyne and Celemony have received numerous important awards, including in 2012  the highest distinction in the music industry: the Technical Grammy.  Almost all musicians and producers of note form part of Melodyne’s customer base. The Who guitarist Pete  Townshend, for example, regards the software as a miracle, Ultravox singer Midge Ure calls it black magic, Katy Perry producer Dr. Luke and  multimedia visionary Peter Gabriel both love it, and jazz legend Herbie Hancock considers it a must-have for musicians.

Melodyne inventor Peter Neubäcker is a man who goes his own singular way. His  ideas, as a musician but also as a lover of mathematics, a guitar-maker  and a student of the physics and philosophy of music, have a tenor all of their own. He finds approaches  far removed from those of classical signal technology, pursuing the musical, the elusive emotional, content of a recording beyond its  mensurable data. It is his algorithms that make Melodyne so musical, so faithful in its acoustic reproduction, and so unique. He  is supported in this by an experienced team of software engineers who  implement his ideas using the latest signal processing and programming  techniques in the development of professional audio software.

A certain idiosyncrasy runs through the entire corporate structure of Celemony: a good twenty of its employees live scattered across Germany,  with others in places like the USA and Japan. They each determine their own working hours and communicate with one another by Internet. The hierarchies are flat. They come together  occasionally for meetings, but by preference to celebrate and have a  good time. Almost all the company’s employees are musicians themselves, in genres ranging from electronic and medieval music to  metal and punk.

You’ll find more information about the software Melodyne and the company Celemony, as well as further statements from musicians and producers, at http://www.celemony.com.
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