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Catalinbread presents the new & improved Teaser Stallion. This old favorite has been shrunk down to a pedalboard-friendly sized enclosure, using a toggle switch for the oscillation circuit instead of a second footswitch. Though the size may have shrunk, the circuit has been amped up, making this lust pent beast even more aggressive and chaotic. The distortion ranges from mellow to blistering. The feedback loop thickens your tone, adds unique textures and overtones to your sound, and even functions as a controllable synth. This pedal turns heads, offends traditionalists (and cats), but, most importantly, opens doors to truly unique sounds and creative possibility. The Teaser Stallion has always been a personal favorite of ours. Now that we've remodeled it inside and out we are ecstatic with the tones and looks. It is truly an honor to release the new Teaser Stallion into the world! We hope that you find the Stallion to be as inspiring as we do!
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