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Dateline: June 28th, 2011 Portland, OR

Announcing the revamped line of Catalinbread's Amp Emulation Overdrive Pedals!

Since the 2009 release of the ever popular Dirty Little Secret, 
Catalinbread has been continuing to release a line of overdrive pedals 
that emulate the sound and feel of some of the most highly regarded 
and sought after tube amps.  Each of these pedals has unprecedented 
realism to the actual amp, and covers a range of amp sounds, and the 
feel that players are looking for.  All of this has culminated in a 
concise line of 5 pedals, each with its own distinct page in music 
history.  This new line includes two new pedals, the DLS MKII, a 
continuation of our successful Dirty Little Secret, and the brand new 
CB-30.  The other three pedals, Formula No. 5, SFT, and WIIO have 
undergone a transformation, both inside and out, using hand selected 
components to bring you the best sound and the best solution to 
getting cranked tones out of low volume or clean backline amps.

The DLS MkII is an overdrive pedal designed to bring you the sound and 
response of a '70s-era Marshall amplifier.  It, like other pedals in 
our "amp drive" range of pedals, is designed to be a "foundation" 
overdrive pedal - it is your "always on" pedal that forms the core of 
your guitar sound which you can enhance and embellish by adding 
boosters, fuzzes, filters, and other overdrives in front of it and 
riding your instrument volume knob- just like you would in front of a 
real amp.

Equally powerful on bass or guitar, the Catalinbread SFT heralds the 
big bottom tones of an Ampeg. Full and rich and clean when you brush 
lightly and some nice wooly edge when you dig in.  The SFT was a real 
labor of love for us ? we wanted a killer, super-versatile bass pedal 
the likes of which nobody has heard before, and for guitar we wanted a 
faithful recreation of those classic Taylor-era (Ya Yas & Exile) tones 
with the ability to morph into more modern heavy sounds ala Queens of 
the Stone Age.

The WIIO is an overdrive inspired by the powerfully unforgiving 
British amps from the ?70s. Its all right there at your fingertips - 
your picking attack determines how much gain is delivered to the 
speakers. There is none of the typical compression found in most other 
overdrives to hide behind or to soften the blow - this is brass 
knuckle to the jaw type sonic impact we?re talking here - you 
literally feel as though you plugged straight into the power section 
blasted through a Fane loaded stack.

The Formula No. 5 was inspired by old tweed amps, most notably the 5E3 
circuit. The character of the 5E3 is very unique. It has very minimal 
power filtering, lower plate voltages, elemental tone stack, and does 
next to nothing to control the low end between gain stages, not to 
mention the under-rated output transformer and speaker. The entire 
system runs inefficiently resulting in a loose bass, greasy mids, 
cutting treble, and incredible grit ? none of these qualities were 
ideal or intentional back in the day. In spite of this, over the past 
five decades the amp inspired some of the coolest, most sought after 
guitar tones ever recorded.

The CB30 is our newest creation, designed to give you jangly, dynamic, 
responsive overdriven tones, just like it's British 30 watt 
counterpart.  The tone controls work exactly the same way as the 
actual amp, where the more the treble and bass increase, the more 
scooped the mids become, making it capable of being quite hollow and 
jangly. The CB30 can be dialed in for that immediate attack, 
compressed mid range honk, finished by the shimmery high end jangle, 
an elusive sound for many players.  Like all the amp-like pedals in 
our line it sounds excellent on its own, or when stacked with other 
pedals (no really, just wait until you put a treble boost in front!)

All Catalinbread pedals are hand built in the USA, and we continually 
strive forward with our commitment to quality of sound, feel and 
appearance.  This line is powder-coated and silk-screened locally, by 
fellow small Portland, Oregon based businesses. The pedals come with 
high quality machined aluminum knobs, a stylish and environmentally 
friendly packaging, and a 3-year warranty to the original owner.  We 
spend a lot of time in the development of our effects, testing with a 
multitude of guitars and amps, and hand selecting the components that 
ensure you will achieve the sound and feel of these classic amps, no 
matter what your rig is.

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
PRICE: $189.00 each

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