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Carvin is pleased to introduce the AC120S Power Conditioner/Switcher. Housed in a compact, single rackspace form factor and employing all steel construction, the AC120S is designed to withstand the rigors of the road while protecting one's valuable and sensitive electronics equipment. The new Carvin AC120S makes an invaluable addition to the equipment racks of guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, and anyone who uses portable PA equipment. Similarly, the AC120S should be standard equipment in today's home recording studio environment.

Carvin's new AC120S is easy to operate and offers 10 grounded power outlets—more than enough power management capability for all but the largest equipment racks. This versatile unit provides the ability to power up the outlets sequentially (minimizing the chance for blown fuses resulting from sudden power drains) while also providing the ability to enable/disable individual outlets as necessary.

To protect against sudden power drains when powering equipment on, the AC120S provides sequential power on with adjustable timing. The AC120S can be programmed to power each unit sequentially in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-second intervals—providing the ability to determine the interval that works best for the type of electronic equipment connected to the unit. Successive presses of the front panel Time button enable the user to easily make the desired selection.

For each of the 10 grounded power outlets, the AC120 provides front panel LED status indicators and a button underneath each LED to enable/disable that particular outlet. Similarly, adjacent to the Time button, the AC120S provides All and SEQuence buttons. The All button enables one to enable/disable all currently active outlets (those with lit LED indicators), while the SEQuence button enables the user to enable/disable the power on sequence capability. If the power on sequence is disabled, the AC120S functions much like a conventional AC power strip.

The new Carvin AC120S carries additional features that ensure protection and convenience. The front panel AC volt meter enables one to easily monitor incoming voltage. Intended for the North American market where the norm is 120 volts, if the AC120S detects less voltage in the line, the front LED display panel will alert the user accordingly. To further ensure safety and the distribution of good, clean power, the AC120S also incorporates an exclusive EMI (electro-magnetic interference) AC Noise Trap to clean up AC line noise.

As an added convenience feature, the new Carvin AC120S features LED pull-out lamps to help illuminate one's equipment rack under low light conditions. Since these lights are LED driven, there are no bulbs to replace and, of equal significance, these LEDs emit less heat, which can also have an adverse impact on electronic equipment.

The new Carvin AC120S Power Conditioner/Switcher carries a direct price of $149.99 and is available now.

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