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The new Brauner VMA combines the performance of two high-grade tube microphones in a single package, offering users a choice between the original and a "vintage" sound with the flick of a switch.

The VMA is derived from eight years of experience with the VM1, the microphone that helped make Brauner well-known. This new microphone combines the core design of the VM1 with additional input from Brauner customers worldwide, especially from the U.S.

A toggle switch on the power supply allows users to set the mic to two different operational modes. One represents the VM1 sound, which is a multi-purpose sound for almost any recording task. The second sets the microphone to operate with a sweet and mellow tube sound reminiscent of vintage mics.

Unique circuitry and biasing - not filter networks - help the VMA achieve each of its sounds. Switching from one position to the other introduces parameter changes, re-biasing the microphone and introducing different sets of components, crucial in achieving the two distinct sounds, into the circuit.

MSRP: $7,000.00

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