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New ControlSpace® SP-24 Sound Processor Offers Simplified Sound Processing for 2x4 Installed and Portable Applications

PowerMatch™ CobraNet® Card provides enhanced capability for Bose PowerMatch configurable professional power amplifiers

Framingham, Massachusetts, July 12, 2012 – The Bose®   Professional Systems Division is offering new components for two of its flagship systems: the ControlSpace® SP-24 sound processor and a new CobraNet® compatible interface card for its PowerMatch™ amplifier line.

ControlSpace SP-24 sound processor

The ControlSpace SP-24 sound processor is a 2x4 loudspeaker processor for both installed and portable   applications. It offers a different approach to configuration through two methods of control: a simplified front panel interface and a comprehensive PC software editor application.

“Customers have told us loudspeaker processors can be difficult and time consuming to set up. Bose wanted to address this with the SP-24 processor,” said Kyle Sullivan, electronics product manager, Bose Professional Systems Division. “We chose to keep the front panel very straightforward and provide users with access to   the most common functions. And, for more complex applications, the SP-24 Editor software enables full access to all signal processing settings and routing. Both solutions make it possible for installers to optimize and   control loudspeaker systems quickly and easily according to their installation needs.”

The ControlSpace SP-24 processor’s front panel features LCD menus and controls that allow for selection of   pre-programmed scenes, gain and delay parameters, or quick access to Bose loudspeaker presets. There are also signal and clip LED indicators for input channels and a convenient front panel lockout feature that prevents unauthorized use.

The included ControlSpace SP-24 Editor software provides real-time control and monitoring, whether connected live or offline. Users can set gain/delay operations, custom channel routing, input and output 9-band equalization, band pass filters, delays, peak limiter, gain and polarity control. Custom loudspeaker EQ curves can be created or Bose professional loudspeaker EQs recalled for quick, optimized set-up. Custom scenes designed with the SP-24 Editor software can also be   saved locally to a PC or, using a USB connection, stored to the SP-24 processor hardware.

The SP-24 includes standard XLR   connectors for easy connection to pro-level sources such as mixing consoles,   amplifiers, and powered loudspeakers. A USB port provides plug-and-play PC   access for system configuration, programming, signal level monitoring and   firmware updates using the SP-24 Editor software. With the 2x4 configuration,   the Bose sound processor is a convenient option for both installed and   portable applications.

The ControlSpace SP-24 sound   processor will be available from Bose through authorized Bose dealers in July   2012 and is covered by a five-year transferable, limited warranty. The   ControlSpace SP-24 Editor software will be available to download online at   the same time.

CobraNet compatible interface card

Adding to the capability already   enabled in ControlSpace ESP-00/88 engineered sound processors, Bose now   offers a complete CobraNet network solution with its flagship DSP and   amplifier products. The new CobraNet card easily inserts into the digital   input card slot of the PowerMatch configurable professional power amplifier,   enabling connection of up to 16 channels of uncompressed 48 kHz digital audio   on the CobraNet network. The new PowerMatch CobraNet card enables   configurable routing/mixing of CobraNet channels to amplifier channels, with   8 digital audio input channels as well as a diagnostic 8-channel audio   monitoring bus and dual redundant network connections. The PowerMatch   expansion card joins the ControlSpace ESP expansion card to give customers   control and amplification solutions for CobraNet network applications. The   PowerMatch CobraNet card will be available from Bose through authorized Bose   dealers in June 2012 and is covered by a 5-year transferable, limited   warranty.

For more information please visit http://pro.Bose.com.

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