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Omnia is the latest incarnation of Bitley's Fairlight-based sound banks, as developed from 2010 to present date. The first release in the Omnia series is Omnia Samples. This contains all of the wave files (samples), comprising 2,3 Gigabyte of data and nearly 6,000 individual samples. Omnia Samples is released in two versions: One raw wave version, which fits all samplers and sample players that can import AIFF and / or WAV files. This covers nearly all sampler instruments since many years back. The other version is made for Reason 7. Subsequent Omnia series releases for Reason will include things from Bitley's previous Fairlight II+, XXL and Platinum refills alongside with completely new patches as well as fixes and updates, new naming conventions and more focused categories. Fairlight Platinum will remain as the largest Bitley refill with its 3,600 instrument patches. There is also a Fairlight-based Kontakt library available which recently was updated (July 2013).
Bitley is a swedish maker of sound banks, programming hardware synthesizers as well as making software releases. The company started out in 2010 by releasing the sound banks Orlando JX10 and Fairlight CMI Legacy. Bitley's usage of the Fairlight samples is an agreement with Fairlight and Peter Vogel in Australia. Newer refills include The Prophet, O8, Flux, Poly Ensemble and more.
Fairlight audio/video demo:
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