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PlugSound Volume 3
PlugSound Volume 5

Big Fish Audio, Inc., a maker of soundware products, announced a new line of virtual instrument products for MOTU Digital Performer. Based on the UVI (Universal Virtual Instrument) engine, Big Fish Audio's new line of instrument plug-ins represent a new type of hybrid soundware product that is essentially three products all rolled into one: a virtual sample player, a MAS plug-in and a sound library. UVI plug-ins are easy to install, appear directly in a Digital Performer user's project as a plug-in and place thousands of sounds at the user's fingertips in convenient menus that are organized by instrument category. To launch this new line of products at NAMM, Big Fish Audio introduced nine UVI titles: The Prosonus Orchestral Collection (Big Fish Audio), Prosonus Grand Piano (Big Fish Audio), London Orchestral Percussion (Big Fish Audio) and PlugSound Volumes 1-6.

The Orchestral Collection From percussion to strings, brass to woodwinds- it's all here. You'll find string orchestra sustained, marcato, pizzicato and FX; section and solo violin, viola, cello and bass; trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, bass trombone, tuba and tuba FX; brass ensemble and brass orchestra; flute, alto flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, oboe d'amore, English horn, bassoon, and contrabassoon; harp single notes and glissandi; timpani, tubular bells, triangle, cymbals, cymbal FX, gong, snare, snare rolls, and more.

Grand Piano From the acclaimed Prosonus library comes a sampled Steinway grand piano without compromise. For the first time, the sampler equipped studio can reproduce every nuance of this spectacular instrument in the digital realm, allowing a depth of expression and level of authenticity previously available only to Steinway owners. Prosonus unique partnership with Steinway has produced this sampled grand piano that meets both the Steinway and the Prosonus high standards of excellence. With beautiful multi-samples at 16, 32, 64 and 128 meg patches and samples of all 88 keys, this is perhaps the most playable piano CD-ROM available.

London Orchestral Percussion Four discs jam-packed with over 2.5 Gigabytes of orchestral percussion. Meticulous care went into the recording of these samples, and programming makes this library more expressive. A huge selection of instruments are here; for example 8 crash cymbals, 7 snare drums, etc. all at up to 16 stereo velocities. Many instruments also include right and left-hand samples, intelligently laid out for maximum playability. You get multiple articulations per instrument, such as rolls, glissandos, flams, scrapes and more for the most realistic simulations. Each instrument was sampled in its natural environment, the orchestra hall, and most include release samples so the amount of hall can be controlled via the mod wheel. All instruments were recorded in the classical tradition - no close mic'ing - to allow the sound to develop properly. Melodic instruments such as glockenspiel feature multiple dynamics and samples for every available pitch.

PlugSound Volume 1 - Keyboards - This volume features acoustic and electric keyboard instruments, excluding synths (Check out Volume 5: Synth Collection for synth sounds). It starts with three 128 MB Acoustic Pianos, among them a Steinway D and a Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano. Also featured are a Honky Tonk piano, some excellent Harpsichords and Church Organs, several electric pianos including a Wurlitzer, as well as a Hohner Clavinet, some Hammond* and other organs.

PlugSound Volume 2 - Fretted Instruments - This plug-in kicks off with a wonderful flamenco-style acoustic guitar. Many other guitars and basses are included, including rare sounds such as the Jazz double-bass available in 32 MB and smaller versions. Electric Guitars cover a wide spectrum of styles, from classical to jazz, rock and modern electro music. Electric basses include Fender and other vintage instruments. For each instrument, several variations are included, with controls to help you create new tones out of the classics.

PlugSound Volume 3 - Drums - A comprehensive collection of drum kits all mapped to the keyboard and ready to use. Provides mostly acoustic drum kits, from Jazz to Rock, spring reverb to raw kits. This plug-in uses PlugSound velocity switching capabilities extensively for truly natural, expressive feel. Hundreds of elements are used to create these kits. To complement this acoustic set, a few of the most indispensable drum machine sounds are included, such as Roland* TR808-909 and CR-78, Akai XR10, to name a few.

PlugSound Volume 4 - Hip Hop Toolkit - A plug-in designed for Hip Hop producers, composers and musicians, but not limited to them. Includes all the necessary ingredients for portable sequencing and production on the road. Drum kits, basses, lead sounds, effects and some carefully selected breakbeats. Studio artists will enjoy this collection that nicely complements classic hardware, and enables you to switch from project to project in a few seconds.

PlugSound Volume 5 - Synth Collection - A collection of synth sounds that encompasses 25 years of synthesizers. From timeless classics such as the Solina String Machine or the ARP 2600 to the most recent Virtual Analog Synth, this collection covers a huge range. A few instruments you'll find in this plug-in: From the 70's: MiniMoog, Yamaha CS-80, PPG and many other classics. From the 80's: Roland D-50, Yamaha DX7, Ensoniq VFX, Korg T1, M1, WSS From the 90's: Roland JD800, and JP 8000, clavia Nord Lead, Yamaha AN1x, Waldorf Q, Novation NovaS.

PlugSound Volume 6 - Global - A PlugSound GM bank. Original versions of the most classic sounds are all there, complying with the GM standard, so that multimedia producers and composers may work reliably with it. This is a great portable library, ideal to start a project with, or to use as sketchpad whenever the inspiration strikes. It includes acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synth basses, synth pads, other synth sounds, guitars, basses, drums, percussion, choirs, strings, winds, brass, ethnic instruments, effects and all the other sounds that have been included in the GM standard.

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