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Basone Guitars has released the highly-expected Basone Phoenix, the firsts of our new production line of electrics. These two particular guitars are a hybrid of bookmatched Honduran Mahogany, coupled with a rare Brazilian bookmatched top of Angico wood (a tight, punchy type of Rosewood). Like our other stock Phoenix models, they are all deeply hand-carved with the greatest attention to detail. Our British Columbian AAA flamed Maple necks compliment the body effortlessly and endlessly. These electric guitars are also equipped with Cabrera pickups, a Rio de Janeiro based high-end pickup company. What a combo: matching Brazilian carved tops and Brazilian Boutiques!

Each one of these Phoenix guitars has its own distinguishable characteristics. The Angico Chambered Carved Top catches everyone's eyes with its matching Angico fingerboard, which patterns have been meticulously matched to the top's grain. Its headstock is also Angico, adding great flow to this one-of-a-kind electric. A classic-shaped reversed soundhole rounds out the look and feel every guitar player desires.

The Solid Body version follows a more traditional style with its Ebony fingerboard and firm Mahogany body, creating a more direct, hard-yet balanced sound. The Chambered version, with its lighter weight, has extra harmonic value, and a chimey natural reverb with bassier feel. Both outfitted with Sperzel tuners and GraphTech Resomax bridge systems. The combination of high-end tonewoods, electronics and hardware make the guitars of the Basone family feel, sound, and look second to none.

Basone products can be found at Vancouverite music shops such as Bonerattle Music, Not Just Another Music Shop, and at BASONE headquarters, where guitar customization is available starting at $1800. Basone still offers acoustic and electric guitar repair, including set-ups, sprayjobs, crack repair, guitar detailing, customized replacement parts, etc.

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