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BandmateLoops announced its latest content partner LoopCache and unveiled four new LoopCache collections today. LoopCache produces innovative Electronic loop and multisample products in Analog, Glitch and other styles.

The new releases include Abstract Percussion, Analog Beats Vol 1, 8 Bit Beats and Glitch Bleep IDM.

LoopCache - Glitch Bleep IDM (Reason ReFill Format)
Glitch Bleep IDM is the first Reason ReFill catering specifically to the Intelligent Dance and Left-Field Electronica maker. It features over 2500 individual hits, 400 IDM-oriented loops and over 200 Combinator patches.

Glitch Bleep IDM is available 24/7 for electronic delivery for $57.00 USD.http://www.bandmateloops.com/product/477/

LoopCache - Analog Beats Vol 1 (Acidized Wave and Rex2 Formats)
Analog Beats Volume 1 features samples and loops created from legendary hardware like Waldorf Q, Pulse, Basstation, SH101, etc. Analog Beats Volume 1 is available 24/7 for electronic delivery for $37.00 USD.http://www.bandmateloops.com/product/474/

LoopCache - 8 Bit Beats (Acidized Wave and Rex2 Formats)
A versatile mix of Old and New School sounds, 8 Bit Beats takes the vibe and machines of yesteryear and blends them into something altogether new. 8 Bit Beats contains special samples and loops from a host of sonically unique 'retro' 8 Bit emulators. All content is 24-bit, normalised and edited for minimum hiss.

8 Bit Beats is available 24/7 for electronic delivery for just $37.00 USD.http://www.bandmateloops.com/product/475/

LoopCache - Abstract Percussion (Acidized Wave and Rex2 Formats)
LoopCache's Abstract Percussion Sample Pack features over 250 unique, obtuse and glitchy Minimal-Tech flavoured loops designed for layering with basic kick and snare.

Abstract Percussion is available 24/7 for electronic delivery for just $47.00 USD.http://www.bandmateloops.com/product/473/

For more information on these and other new LoopCache products please visit: http://www.bandmateloops.com/category/225/LoopCache

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