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BackLine Engineering has announced several feature upgrades for RiffBox™, its popular looping device designed to enhance the capabilities of performing musicians. New features include the ability to recognize note pitch values and the ability to automatically lock on to repeated rhythm patterns or repeated note patterns. There are now 7 ways for RiffBox to identify a loop:

1) Like a traditional looper based on when the footswitch is pressed.
2) The loop is timed to the note or chord right after the footswitch is pressed.
3) The loop length is determined by the number of notes or chords played.
4) The loop is determined based on a repeated rhythm pattern and synched to your playing.
5) The loop length is determined by when a certain note pitch is repeated.
6) The loop is determined based on a repeated note pattern and synched to your playing.
7) The loop is timed to MIDI start and stop messages.

The new pattern recognition technology in RiffBox means that you can start playing a repeated note or chord progression, and after you repeat the pattern a few times, RiffBox will automatically start playing the pattern in synch with your playing, without the need to press another footswitch. It's like having another rhythm guitarist join you so that you can play harmonies, solos or other parts of the song. Because RiffBox examines several repeated patterns, the loop can be reproduced consistently every time.

These new features will work with any of the 76 different looping modes that are currently available and are included in RiffBox Firmware version 4.1, which is available free to existing users from the Backline Engineering web site.

RiffBox is shipping today at a street price of $419.

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