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This Switching System breathes new life into a guitarist’s way to sound truly unique. Because now one guitar can sound like dozens, you don't need to drag a lot of guitars that have their unique "special sounds" to gigs and recording sessions. You just need one guitar that will sound like them all.

Until recently, AweSome Musical Instruments’ premiere product was their unique revolutionary Patented Pickup Switching System, a huge benefit for both right-hand and left-hand players. This product lets all smart musicians effortlessly increase the tone power of their electric guitar. Why? This Switching System lets you sound more unique and get an edge in the crowded music market because it gives you the additional 30 pickup tones that have been silently hiding in your 3-pickup guitar. It is physically impossible to get more than 35 pure analog pickup tones from a standard 3-pickup guitar. Because this simple Switching System is so revolutionary, I was awarded a patent (6,998,529) by the United States Patent Office. After you install this Switching System, you'll think that your guitar is "powered" by a tone nuclear reactor! You get dozens of pickup tones you never heard before.

This Switching System instantly gives you seven times more pickup tones from your standard Stratocaster (or any other 3-pickup instrument.) It also gives your 2-pickup guitar, bass, mandolin or pedal steel twice as many pickup tones. Predictably, their initial offering has blossomed into a suite of "drop in" Hot-Rod-ModTM products that use their switching system to quickly upgrade existing Stratocasters and Telecasters.

As first-time exhibitors at the 2010 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, they also entered the market as a new guitar and bass manufacturer. Their robust line of solid-body electric guitars and electric bass instruments – all of which are equipped with 3-pickups – also include their revolutionary Patented Pickup Switching System. These new high-value instruments produce 35 pure analog pickup tones – more pickup tones than any other product. Now you can get one of their brand new guitars that will sound like a Stratocaster, a Telecaster, Les Paul Custom or Studio, and just about every electric guitar ever made.

Even their brand new electric bass instruments (both their 4-string and 5-string versions) are "sleeper" instruments that will sound like a Jazz bass, precision bass, and will even sound like an upright slap jazz bass. All their electric guitar and electric bass instruments are available in both right-hand and left-hand versions.

For almost 70 years, electric guitarists worldwide have been searching for their elusive "Holy Grail" – a simple, low-cost switching system to get all the possible guitar pickup tone combinations out of their 3-pickup guitar. The search is finally over! Now you can take your guitar or bass far beyond the wimpy and obsolete "Studio Grade" version because this game-changing Switching System will instantly give you that "Holy Grail" of incredible tone power that nobody else can give you.

As you know, almost all 3-pickup guitars use a 5-way switch that will only give you 5 separate "stock" pickup tones. But this switch is also an obstacle because it "hides" the other 30 pickup tones that you can really get from your guitar.Are More Pickup Tones Important? In a word, YES! If it were not important, you’d be buying 1-pickup guitars. You really want more choices and when your 3-pickup guitar is equipped with this Switching System, you can control what it sounds like. You can select any of the 35 unique pickup tones that you need to precisely blend in with the group, and use a different pickup tone that really lets you "stand out" and be noticed because you sound unique. This switching system is ―green‖ and completely passive, so there are no batteries or expensive electronics to fail when recording or performing. It also keeps your analog pickup tones pure.

More than any other instrument, the guitar is about subtleties. It is undeniably the coolest instrument that was ever made. When it's played well, there is absolutely nothing that sounds like it. And when your electric guitar (or electric bass) is combined with this High-Performance Hot-Rod-ModTM, it will give you More Tone Power to let you sound uniquely better and will also inspire you to play much better.

If you’re a session musician who spends time in the studio, now you only need one guitar to play everything; including Rock, Pop, Blues, Surf, Grunge, Jazz, Metal, Folk, intensely Country Twang with guts and even the elusive "tin-canny" pickup tones – plus anything else you can name. This Switching System gives you a ―Grand Canyon Wide‖ unique range of subtle pickup tones. Just one guitar will give you all the "stock" Stratocaster tones, plus sound like a Telecaster, Les Paul Custom or Studio, or sound like virtually anything ever made with either single-coil or humbucker pickups. Now you can have all the pickup tones ever created on just one guitar.

This Switching System gives you dozens of additional thinner and funkier tones, as well as numerous ultra fat, round and well-defined sustaining tones that will instantly add some "snarl" when you need it with just the ―flick of a switch‖. Now you can get all the ―edgy‖ tones that you want to project – but without being abrasive. You can select the "custom tailored" tone that you want from a palette of 35 unique pickup tones that will fill up all of your musical space with either fat or thin drive. This ultimate switching Hot-Rod-ModTM gives your guitar a stout voice that doesn't sound cloudy. Finally, you now have a way to be a truly unique musical artist.

Now you can get a performance factor for your guitar that is light years ahead of any other wimpy and obsolete "studio grade" model. So why would you want to consider using this Ultimate Pickup Switching System? Because it lets you really stand out and sound unique!

Even Les Paul had great difficulty finding the "right" pickup sound. He said, "You can spend a lifetime on each individual sound that you wish to create, and there are so many variables that you'll be chasing a sound that you'll probably never find. I'm 90 years old, and I've never found it yet. What I did do is find the best sound for a particular moment." — December 2005

Bottom line: Because this Switching System is a far superior way to explore all the sound possibilities that it gives you, it is arguably the greatest invention since Les Paul invented the solid body electric guitar in 1941. More Information is available at www.AweSome-Guitars.com

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