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Kreator is a massive, 3GB professional softsynth virtual  instrument sound module expertly programmed by musicians for recording  engineers, filmmakers, broadcasters, game developers, effects artists,  and other media professionals. This music production solution has everything you need to make complete songs for music demos,  TV, Film, or any audio-visual project—mellotron, acoustic and electric  guitars, acoustic studio-drum kits, electronic drum kits, analog  synthesizers, acoustic and electric pianos, organs, acoustic and electric basses, sound effects, soundscapes, World  percussion—all from one super, easy-access award winning technology of  the HALion Player GUI interface.

Easily produce stunning music demos with its on-board DSP and fine-tune  your sounds using AmpModeling, WAH-WAH, Speaker Cabinet Modeling,  Flanger, Rotary, Chorus, Reverbs, and TalkBox Vowel Modeling—AA, EE, II,  OO, UU—accessible directly from its 8 MIDI-Learn SOUND EDIT Controls.

ACOUSTIC GRAND PIANO 1 & 2 with on-board DSP. 24-bit
Play exquisite sparkling Acoustic Grand Piano into Cubase or Pro Tools  on your desktop with DSP Effects like Rotary Speaker, Wah-Wah, Chorus,  Reverb. This solid great sounding Sonic-Collection of histoRically  famous keys will soon become your "Go To" sounds for music demos, TV commercials, Film, or when you just want to tickle  the keys on your laptop on the plane with your favorite set of  headphones.  Tweak the reverb, chorus with real-time DSP.   

with on-board DSP. 24-bit. UNIQUE lead guitar sounds like no other.  Easily play leads like Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner from  Woodstock, sound like Brian May from Queen.
Stacked and layered samples make it possible and with "ChromaVibe". Hold  a note on your keyboard and listen to it morph into a sweet HARMONIC  with just the right amount of vibrato. With "Alternating" samples, never  play the same note twice consecutively. One of the most amazing Virtual Lead Guitars ever created.Tweak the Reverb,  Compressor, Chorus, and Wah-Wah!

GMCompatible Acoustic/Electric Drum Kits based on SONOR, TAMA, YAMAHA,  DW, Ludwig,  including World Percussion and Electronic Kits based on  the  707-808-909- with on-board DSP.
Deep Bass Drums, Phat Airy Kicks, Crisp-Snapping Snares, Shimmering  Cymbals, Hypnotic Rainsticks, Rhythmic Shakers, Crisp High Hats,  Realistic Pedal Sounds, Chunky Stick Hits & Side Sticks, Himalayan  Bells, Bodhran, Djembe, African Ashiko, Thunderous Floor Toms, Deep-Rack Toms, and more.  Play them Standalone or in your  preferred sequencer.
Tweak the Reverbs, and Compressors!

Axe N Skin DoubleBass Drum Track Builder 24-bit.
DoubleBass Drum Beats like you've never heard them. Be prepared for a  thunderous onslaught. Easily DRAG & DROP to build those hard to find  extra heavy duty drum tracks in just minutes. Audition what you need  and duplicate the chunks with drag & drop MIDI segments then time stretch the tempo without altering the pitch! Incredible  results in minutes, not hours! Get that commercial deadline completed  ahead of schedule and stun your clients!
Play them Standalone or in your preferred sequencer.

Analogue Sythesizers Leads, Bass', FX, Pads with on-board DSP. 24-bit.  Evolving Alien Environments and Soundscapes including Rain &  Thunder, The Grays, BladeRunner, RAIN, Deep Sea, Alien Locust, Ethereal  Bog, Frogs of Plague. Synth leads, Bass, FX, Pads based on Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, and more. A huge collectors treasure  chest of highly sought after Synthesizers and all with Kreator's  built-in DSP !  Play them Standalone or in your preferred sequencer.
Tweak the Reverb, Compressor, Chorus, and Wah-Wah!

J-Bass, Slap Bass, Upright Bass with on-board DSP. 24-bit. Enjoy playing  these expressive samples from the legendary Fender JazzBass ( J-Bass), a  Schecter Scorpion Elite Slap Bass Diamond Series , and a vintage all  wood large Upright Bass with an organic deep rubber-band-like resonance.
Fill in the DEEP LOW END of your mixes with these high detail AUTHENTIC  BASS Instruments. Includes fret/finger noise, string buzz!
Tweak the Reverb, Compressor, Chorus, and Wah-Wah!

Angel Druid Choir with on-board DSP.  24-bit.  HARK, THE HERALD ANGELS  SING! Unique Angelic-female voice and Druid-like male voice. Combine  voices to blend & harmonize. Can be played as Standalone or in your  preferred sequencer.  Layer with Strings, Piano, Synths or soundscapes! Tweak the Reverb, Chorus,Wah-Wah, and VOWEL  MODELING!   

Quasimodo Cathedral Pipe Organ with on-board DSP.  24-bit.
The earliest predecessor of the instrument was used in ancient Roman  circus games and similar to a modern portative. The organ dates back to  classical antiquity. The earliest organs were hydraulic. Play it  Standalone or in your preferred sequencer and experience the "AIR" and real feel of playing a huge open space cathedral pipe  organ. You can hear the AIR!  Tweak the Reverb, Compressor, Chorus, and  Limiter!

B3 Organ with on-board DSP.
The influence of the Hammond organ can be felt everywhere. On any given  radio station there's a good chance you'll hear the B-3.    The Hammond  is used in all types of music, from Gospel,  to Blues, to Jazz, to Funk,  to Rock,  Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and  Yes.  Keith Emerson used to take his  B-3 and throw it around the  stage, ride  it like a horse, set it on fire,  stab it.     Smooth when you want it  smooth, swirling when you want it swirling Tweak the Rotary, Chorus, and  Wah-Wah!   

Acoustic Upright, Electric Slap, J~Bass: with on-board DSP. 24-bit.   Full Size Stand-up Bass with DEEP low end. BIG ORGANIC SOUND! Play it  Standalone or in your preferred sequencer.
Tweak the Reverb, Compressor, Chorus, and Limiter!

Vintage M-Tron with on-board DSP. 24-bit.  24-bit/44.1 Instruments and Sounds

Strummable Akoustik Chords for use with the included iStrum MIDI chord files.

Rhodes MkII Electric Stage Piano with on-board DSP.
Extremely EXPRESSIVE soft bell-like low velocity, robust medium  velocity, and just the right amount of grit for hard hitting electric  piano notes!
The Rhodes was particularly popular from the late 60's-early 80's, and  many of its signature songs date from this period: The Doors' "Riders On  The Storm", "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel, "Still Crazy After  All These Years" by Paul Simon, "Babe" by Styx, "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" by Stevie Wonder, "Peg" by Steely Dan,  "Gotta Serve Somebody" by Bob Dylan, the intro to "Sheep" by Pink  Floyd, and the theme from Taxi by Bob James.

Ray Charles played "Shake Your Tailfeather" on a Rhodes in the music store scene in the Blues Brothers

Bell-like when played softly, solid piano-like ringing mids when played medium,  Snarling when hit hard!

Tweak the Reverb, Chorus,Wah-Wah, and Rotary!

SilverTone'63 Electric Guitar with on-board DSP.
Includes AUTOMATIC STRUMMING "iStrum" MIDI Patterns

SURF"S UP! Play SPY Guitar, SURF Guitar, Play retro leads or employ the  20 dedicated Audiowarrior iStrum MIDI strumming patterns for use with  the included AudioWarror Pat Pending 85 G-Mapped chords, the first in a  new series for a total of 1700 auto-strumming chord combinations.  iStrum MIDI files are 4 bars each and can be tempo  adjusted +/- to fit your Master Tempo while maintaining the original  pitch and feel.

The all in one combination 1963 Hornet body guitar and the included  "AMP-IN-CASE" 50 watt amp with the original 4 Silvertone tubes and a  Phillips paper cone speaker was manufactured for Sears & Roebuck by  Dan Electro who later went on to establish the Dan Electro brand of guitars and amplifiers made famous by Jimi Hendrix, Eric  Clapton, Jimmy Page, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins, Beck and  others.
Can be played as Standalone or in your preferred sequencer.

Secret Agent Man, Crimson & Clover, step aside....!

Tweak the AmpModeling, SpeakerCab, Chorus, Flanger, TREMOLO and Wah-Wah!

* All of Kreator's sounds and instruments can be opened in HALion 3.1+

Main Features:
* 32-bit

* Connects to everything: VST, DXi2, AU, ReWire and Standalone

* 256 Voice Polyphony

* 16 instruments/sounds on 16 MIDI channels simultaneously per instance allows any combination of layering.

* Loads and Saves Banks and Programs.

* Super-Easy One-Window Sound Category System, no difference between finding, selecting and loading a Sound.

* 8 Quick   "Q" Controls -> Set & Forget MIDI~LEARN.
  Content pre-defined Sound shaping parameters including super-easy   MIDI~LEARN, per 8 Q Controls allow instant fun while tweaking without  the need to understand the complex architecture creating the Sound.  Remote controllable with the all new set & forget MIDI learn mode.  (perfect for remote-control real-time CUTOFF AND RESONANCE)

*Sound Edit Q Controls with MIDI-Learn include:
Cutoff, Resonance, DCF Amount, DCA Attack, DCA Decay, DCA Sustain, DCA Release, DCA Amount, Volume, Tune.

*Built-in pre-defined HALion effects per sound-presets utilizing:
TalkBox with vowel sounds OO, OU, AH, AA, EH, EE, ER, UH, OH.
  Amp Simulator-AC-VINTAGE-AXIS-DARK1-DARK2-RADIO 2x12-4x12
Hall Reverb,Percussion Verb, String Verb, Pad Verb, Acoustic Guitar Verb.
Earyl Reflections Ambience.
Delay- with and without Sync.
Rotary Speaker
Wah Pedal
Shelf EQ
Parametric EQ
Modulate L/R

* Record all Q Control Automation with your preferred sequencer.

* Ultra~easy user interface, clean, fast, enjoyable, and easy to  understand whether you're starting out,  or if you're a seasoned  professional.

* Award-winning  5.1 Surround-Sound-Capable HALion 3 playback engine.

* Advanced Disk Streaming.

* RAM Save

* Knob Mode Editing: Circular, Relative Circular, Linear,

* User Definable MIDI Channel, Volume, PAN, 4 Stereo, 4 MONO, 5.1, 5.1C, 5.1 LFE, 5.1LsRs  Surround Output routing .

*Requires a Steinberg USB Key.

Main page Sale Link: http://www.audiowarrior.com/

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