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AudioWarrior is proud to announce the availability of Kreator LE Brain Module now available separately in VSTi, AU, ReWire, Dxi2, and Standalone PC/Mac format.

Bryan "Brain" Mantia (Primus - GunsNRoses - Buckethead) delivers 1/2 GB of Dedicated REX2- tempo adjustable drums beats sliced up and ready to rock from within Kreator in a wide range of styles and also as 1/2 GB of Looped BPM GROUPS (Intros, Grooves, Outros) that can be triggered in any order from your keyboard.

Matching MIDI Files
BPMs range from 51 to 165 and have matching MIDI files that correspond with the REX2 files in Kreator that you can drop right into your sequencer. You can also combine different BPM beats and change their tempo to your song's Master Tempo while maintaining their original pitch and feel.

The library comes complete with its own dedicated and expandable 16 track Kreator LE player and can be used as a Standalone or Plug-in in any sequencer with any Mac OS X.3.2 or Windows XP computer. As a bonus it can also be loaded into HALion 3.1.

Standalone Mode
In Standalone Mode Kreator LE Brain Module requires no other software. Use it for rehearsal, songwriting, or music notepad without launching a separate recording host application.

Plug-in Mode
In Plug-in Mode it integrates seamlessly with all major recording hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Sonar, and Digidesign Pro Tools on any Windows XP or Mac OS X.3.2+ computer.

BPM Groups
Load any 51-160 BPM Group into the player and import the same-named MIDI file into any sequencer. After the files are in place you have complete control over tempo, velocity, note position, and any MIDI parameter. Most files can be modified from +/- 40 BPM.

1, 2, and 4 Bar Integrated REX2 Files
The first DOWNBEAT (Kick) of every 2-4 bar file defaults to C1 and you can import more MIDI files and position the beginning of the new file, at the end of the last file on a separate MIDI track creating an absolutely SEAMLESS sequence.

Mix and Match BPM Groups
Mix and Match any BPM Group with another. Take a 79 BPM intro and mix it with a 92 BPM FILL.
Control the master TEMPO by simply typing in the desired BPM on the TRANSPORT.

Loop Groups
Each Loop-Group has its own INTRO, GROOVE VARIATIONS, FILLS, and OUTRO. When using these LOOP-GROUPS, you can have each individual BPM file play back continuously until you hit the STOP function.

Kreator LE Brain Module can be expanded by adding more Modules as you need them.

Seamlessly integrates with some of the industry's most popular sequencers including Cubase?, Pro Tools®, Logic Pro 7?, Sonar?, and more.

Take It With You Portability
Having your AudioWarrior Kreator LE Brain Module License Code installed on your Steinberg Key makes it easy to use Kreator interchangeably on any compatible computer, anytime, anywhere in the world, PC or Mac. The "Brain" module ships with Kreator XL and is also available separately as its own expandable module at a breakthrough price of $99 which includes a Steinberg USB Key.

If you already own a Steinberg Key the "Brain" module can also be purchased for $79.


  • PC/Mac Hybrid (Universal)
  • VSTi, AU, ReWire, Dxi, and Standalone
  • Can also be loaded into HALion3.1
  • Expandable Instruments and Sounds
  • Integrates seamlessly with Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar and all major sequencers
  • 32-bit
  • Connects to everything: VST, DXi2, AU, ReWire and Standalone
  • 256 Voice Polyphony
  • 16 MIDI channels simultaneously per instance allows any combination of layering
  • Imports/Exports Banks and Programs
  • Super-Easy One-Window Sound Category System, no difference between finding, selecting and loading a Sound
  • 8 Quick "Q" Controls -> Set & Forget MIDI~LEARN
  • Content pre-defined Sound shaping parameters including super-easy MIDI-LEARN, per 8 Q Controls allow instant fun while tweaking without the need to understand the complex architecture creating the Sound. Remote controllable with the all new set & forget MIDI learn mode. (perfect for remote-control real-time CUTOFF AND RESONANCE)
  • Sound Edit Q Controls with MIDI-Learn include: Cutoff, Resonance, DCF Amount, DCA Attack, DCA Decay, DCA Sustain, DCA Release, DCA Amount, Volume, Tune.
  • Records all Q Control Automation within your preferred sequencer.
  • Ultra~easy user interface, clean, fast, enjoyable, and easy to understand whether you're an aspiring musician, producer, composer or seasoned pro.
  • Award-winning 5.1 Surround-Sound-Capable HALion3 playback engine.
  • Advanced Disk Streaming.
  • RAM Save
  • Knob Mode Editing: Circular, Relative Circular, Linear
  • User Definable MIDI Channel, Volume, PAN, 4 Stereo, 4 MONO, 5.1, 5.1C, 5.1 LFE, 5.1LsRs Surround Output routing.
  • Key Range C-2 -> C9+
  • Volume adjustment per channel and global -90db/ƒ to +6db
  • "Clear All" or "Clear Current Program" function

$79 without key/$99 with-key (required for operation)
1 GB Broadband Download version requires you already own a Key.
Available now

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