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ANWIDA Soft has intoduced V-hyper HYPER VITALIZER, an audio enhancer plugin for Windows Media Player.

Built on the same technology adopted in ANWIDA Soft professional plug-ins,V-hyper allows you to achieve:

  • Louder audio with no distortion
  • Consistent loudness from inputs with different levels
  • Enhanced intelligibility in noisy environments
  • Denoising capability
  • Improved clarity, warmth and definition
  • Detailed control over stereo image to enhance the stereo image of closely placed loudspeakers

A few intuitive parameters drive a complex DSP algorithm that automatically takes care for you of loudness, timbre, stereo image, noise and consistency among sources.

Whether you listen to MP3s, CDs, Internet Radio or watch DivX, V-hyper enhances the character of any sounds fed through it. V-hyper turns your PC audio environment into an exclusive and professional stereo system. V-hyper includes presets designed to enhance different types of music and speech. And, of course, you can adjust it manually to create your own custom preset.

V-hyper improves nearly all popular file formats. Some examples:

  • Audio formats including: mp3, wma (Windows Media Audio), MPEG-4 (mp4, m4a), wav
  • CD playback
  • Streaming audio formats including: Windows Media (wma, asx), MP3 stream (m3u, pls). This means you can enhance hundreds of Internet Radio stations
  • Audio of video formats including: DivX / XviD, avi, wmv (Windows Media Video), MPEG (mpeg, mpg, mp2). V-hyper improves the audio of films and Internet TV

Main features:

  • Dynamic equalization
  • Psychoacoustic dynamic control
  • Automatic compensation of volume differences
  • Full stereo image control
  • Stereo enhancing of mono sources
  • Denoising (Voice mode)
  • Extremely transparent action
  • 64 bit internal precision
  • Highly optimized DSP code
  • Ultra clean and noiseless processing
  • 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 (integer) bit audio support
  • Factory presets
  • 1 recallable custom preset slot
  • Stereo output (mono -> stereo, stereo -> stereo)

V-hyper is available now for $19.00 US.

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