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Antelope Audio has announced the availability of the Isochrone range of Clocking products, delivering the highest possible audio quality and sync compatibility in professional audio and broadcasting production environments. Antelope's engineering guru, Igor Levin, changed the face of digital audio technology by creating Aardvark's legendary AardSync. Now, following more than a decade of research in acoustically shaped clocking, Igor introduces the next generation of master clocks.

Innovative design and premium components make the Isochrone line the definitive solution for stable, jitter-free clocking. Unprecedented quality is accompanied by flexibility and ease of use unheard of in similar devices. Just like Microphone Preamps, where handcrafted discrete designs are much quieter than those based on off-the-shelf ICs, so is the case with clocks. Hence, by employing a discrete transistor design for the crystal oscillator, Antelope achieves 3 to 6 times less jitter than competing products. The Oven Controlled Crystal found in the Isochrone clocks is the most stable crystal oscillator available. Not satisfied with even this superior level of precision, Antelope has provided inputs for the ultimate guarantor of stability - the Atomic Clock.

The Isochrone line consists of three different models, the DA, OCX and OCX-V.

Isochrone DA is a clock distribution unit that offers unique ways to achieve flawless audio. Through Antelope's exclusive clock regenerating process, the clock DA improves sound quality, eliminates jitter, and ensures reliable studio operation. Unlike other DAs on the market, Isochrone actually reclocks the distributed signal. More than simple amplification, reclocking utilizes the benefits of Antelope's Jitter Management Module, which all but eliminates jitter. As a result, the redistributed signal is vastly superior to the source.

Isochrone OCX is the most stable, best sounding master clock available. Powered by an Oven Controlled Discrete Transistor Crystal Oscillator, the advantages are tangible and rapidly become indispensable. The oven keeps the oscillator at a constant temperature making the Isochrone 100 times more stable than similar products.

Isochrone OCX-V is a master clock optimized for modern video facilities. The OCX-V combines the power of the Isochrone line with extensive video capabilities. With globalization and the increasing market penetration of HDTV, it is more critical than ever that studios accommodate a wide range of standards. The OCX-V offers seamless operation with PAL, NTSC, and over a dozen HDTV standards.

Only OCX-V provides a highly innovative "gearboxing" feature that enables one type of reference signal to be converted to another. For example, you can reference 48 kHz and output 44.1 Khz, sample-locked to the source. Or put in NTSC, get PAL out. With Isochrone it is even possible to lock the black burst generator to audio clock; put in 96 kHz and get NTSC out!

All units of the Isochrone line share easy and intuitive operation. There are no nested menus to scroll through - all control facilities are plainly visible on the front panel of the unit.

The Isochrone Clocks are available at a recommended retail price of:
1,095 Euro/ 1,096 USD/ £899 for the DA
1,795 Euro/ 1,595 USD/ £1,249 for the OCX
3,395 Euro/ 3,495 USD/ £2,499 for the OCX-V

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