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Radial Engineering will present new products at booth #729 at the AES Convention.

Radial Ampatch Guitar Amp Patchbay
Designed for studios that track electric guitars, the Ampatch is a single rack space device that accommodates up to 4 heads and 6 cabinets using a conventional 1/4" jumper cable to bridge the components. Amplifier output levels are monitored via LED indicators and a series of load resisters shunt the amps when not in use to ensure they see a stable and safe load. A built-in Radial JDX guitar amp direct box is also included. The JDX features a proprietary emulation circuitry and reactive load for the most natural sound. The Ampatch makes it easy to switch and combine various heads, cabinets and direct feeds to help spur on the creative spirit!
List price: Estimated $800.00
Available: Winter 07

Radial LX8 8-channel Line Level Splitter
Following the success of the Radial V12 Convertible and the Radial OX8 mic splitter, the LX8 is an 8 channel line level splitter designed to provide the system designer with greater options in signal management for both live stage performance and installations. Since the advent of digital consoles and the subsequent lack of cross-brand standards, audio engineers have been looking at alternative methods to distribute line level signals without having to revert back to mic levels. The Radial LX8 provides an elegant solution with standard D-Sub and Euro-block (Phoenix) connectivity.
List price: $1,350.00
Available: NOW

Primacoustic Cloud Formation
One of the most challenging aspects in room acoustics has been managing the space above the recording console. Primacoustic comes to the rescue with a combination acoustic panel and mounting system that is highly effective at reducing standing waves and primary reflections and is both easy to assemble and mount. A fully encapsulated two inch thick, 24" x 48" high density fiberglass 6lb per cubic foot panel is suspended inside a rugged, yet attractive aluminum frame. Simple and elegant, coming in a choise of black, grey or beige panel to suit various rooms and may be covered with breathable fabric for personal flare! These may be ganged together to adapt to various sized mixing consoles.

The success of the Broadway series has caused a snowball effect whereby studio designers are now asking for better and more varied installation options. To address these needs, Primacoustic now has three different impalers to make installation easier: The Surface Impaler is used to mount panels flush on a wall; the Offset Impaler is used to create an air cavity behind the panel to increase bass absorption; and the Corner Impaler is designed to mount Broadway panels in corners to create affordable bass traps.
List price: $179.00
Available: Winter 07

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