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American DJ introduces the new LS-60/A Portable Lighting System. This all-in-one lighting package now includes the company's popular 4-channel T16F foot controller, which comes with two floor switches. Using these convenient switches, performers can control chase programs and blackout with their feet, while keeping their hands free for mixing tracks or playing guitar riffs.

Like previous ADJ portable lighting systems, the LS-60/A brings together everything mobile entertainers need to put on a great music-chasing light show -- all in one convenient, lightweight, affordable package. Included in the LS-60/A system are four Par-38 high-polish par cans, four 150-watt light bulbs, one LTS-6 tripod stand, a 4-pack of color gels (green, blue, red and yellow) and - the newest addition - the 4-channel T16F foot controller.

"This is the first American DJ stand system of its type to include our T16F foot controller," said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies.

The T16F features two foot switches, one for controlling chase program selection and the other for controlling blackout. The controller comes with 16 built-in chase programs - 8 normal and 8 with fade time - making it easy to put your best foot forward and conjure up a variety of exciting light show patterns. For added versatility, the lights can be set to chase via sound activation or 3 selectable speeds.

The four lights featured in the LS-60/A system are American DJ's professional high-polish aluminum Par-38 cans, powered by LL-Par 38 150-watt bulbs (also included). Great-looking and durable, the Par-38s can be converted instantly to colored lights with the easy-to-use green, blue, red and yellow gels that come with the system.

Hanging brackets allow the par cans to be easily mounted on the American DJ LTS-6 lighting stand, which is also part of the system. A black tripod stand, the LTS-6 features a T-bar with 8 hanging point bolts for positioning the lights' brackets. Weighing just 11 lbs. and extending up to 9 ft., the stand collapses quickly for easy transport.

The entire LS-60/A system weighs a total of just 30 lbs., making it ideal for mobile DJs, musicians and small stage productions. "This is a very portable system that gives traveling performers and shows an easy way to carry their lighting rig with them," said Davies. "It comes with everything you need to put on a great chasing light show." The all-in-one system even includes the necessary cable for connecting the controller to the lights.

Consumers who purchase the LS-60/A system will also enjoy the advantage of saving money over buying the components individually. The suggested retail price of the LS-60A system -- including four Par-38A cans, four 150-watt bulbs, T16F chase controller, LTS-6 stand and color gels - is just $299.95.

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