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Extreme ease of use and portability, superior optics and ultra affordability have made American DJ's On-The-Go Series a hit with working DJs and musicians. The company has added 3 exciting new models—the Deco FX, Hyper FX and Warp FX—to this highly successful series of plug-n-play mobile effects.

Targeted toward beginners as well as experienced performers who want fantastic-looking light shows but prefer not to bother with high-tech gizmos, each of these additions to the On-The-Go series is modeled after a larger, more complex and/or more expensive American DJ effect that is not part of the series.

The Deco FX is a smaller, lighter, "non-intelligent" version of American DJ's DMX 250-watt Deco 250 effect. It creates the same type of dazzling 3-dimensional textured glass patterns in a more compact, 150-watt format that requires absolutely no knowledge of DMX programming. The Deco FX offers 11 vibrant colors and 8 unique cut glass patterns that look great when projected on a wall or a dance floor.

The Warp FX is a 150-watt On-The-Go version of American DJ's 250-watt Warp 250. Capable of producing 12 eye-popping rotating gobo/color patterns similar to those created by its bigger cousin, the Warp FX is trimmer and more lightweight for greater mobility. The high-energy effect is equally striking whether projected onto a wall, floor or ceiling.

The Hyper FX is modeled after American DJ's 250-watt Hyper Beam, an effect that reflects colored beams through a rotating 3-sided prism. Going a step beyond the original Hyper Beam, the new Hyper FX doesn't project mere beams, it creates stunning gobo patterns. It is equipped with a gobo wheel containing 12 different patterns that cover a wide area when reflected through its rotating prism.

These 3 new units offer additional great features that weren't included in the original On-The-Go effects released last year. Their 150-watt halogen lamps make them even brighter than the other 100-watt fixtures in the series. Despite their relatively small size, all On-The-Go effects are known for their ability to project clearly and vibrantly, with or without the use of a fog machine. The vivid colors and unique patterns they produce are a far cry from the predictable and often wishy-washy moving light beams typical of most other entry-level plug-n-play fixtures available today.

Additionally, the new Deco FX , Warp FX and Hyper FX provide more operating options than the other members of the On-The-Go series, as they can be run in 3 different modes: Auto (both gobo wheel and mirror dish spin), Static (only gobo wheel rotates) and Sound Active (gobo wheel spins while mirror dish moves to the beat of the music). And they're so incredibly easy to use, DJs and performers can achieve a disco-type lighting display with the simple flip of an "on" switch.

Featuring high-velocity fans, the 3 new On-The-Go units can be run continuously all night with no duty cycles. They come in a high-tech plastic case that's easy to carry and rugged enough for use on the road. Full manual focusing is standard on each fixture.

All 3 units are extremely compact and portable. The Deco FX and Warp FX both measure 9" x 11.5" x 8" and weigh only 4 lbs. The Hyper FX is 12" x 11.5" x 8" and weighs 4 lbs.

The Deco FX and Warp FX carry a MSRP of $139.95. The Hyper FX has an MSRP of $179.95.

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