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C 430D 409

Building upon the success of the AKG MicroMic and MicroMic II Series of performance microphones, AKG Acoustics unveiled the newly redesigned AKG MicroMic III Series, which includes the new C 430 instrument condenser microphone and the D 409 clip-on instrument dynamic microphone.

The D 409 dynamic clip-on instrument microphone has a powerful sound and a smooth frequency response, which makes it perfect for wind instruments, drums and percussion instruments. Compact and crisp sounding, the C 430 cardioid condenser microphone delivers with a low profile, making it ideal for instrument and percussion applications.

"With the MicroMic Series, AKG Acoustics wrote the book on miniature performance microphones," Tom Stotler, Market Development Manager said today. "Our engineers have worked closely with our customers to continually update and enhance the MicroMic Series and with today's introduction of the new C 430 and the D 409 microphones, I have no doubt the MicroMic III Series will live up to the legacy of its predecessors and the expectations of our customers.

The AKG Acoustics D 409 Clip-on Instrument Microphone

The D 409 Clip-on Instrument microphone delivers a neutral sound with a slight proximity effect and presence rise between 3 and 7 kHz. Frequency range for the AKG D 409 is 100 Hz to 17kHz; sensitivity at 1 kHz is 1 mV/Pa and impedance is 600 ohms. The AKG D 409 incorporates a hypercardioid polar pattern and produces 124 dB maximum SPL with 1% THD.

The AKG D 409 features a dynamic transducer that eliminates the need for phantom or battery power as well as a standard XLR connector for hardwire operation. The microphone also comes equipped with a complete external windscreen. Including a clamp, the D 409 weighs just 4.9 oz.

The D 409 L features the same specifications, polar pattern and external windscreen as the D 409. This 2.5 oz. lightweight microphone has a mini XLR connector which can be used with AKG wireless bodypack tranmitters and the B 29 L power supply.

The AKG Acoustics C 430 Instrument Microphone

The extremely low profile (3.1 in. x .7 in: 1.1. oz), high performance AKG C 430 literally and figuratively raises the boom on instrument micing applications. Featuring a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20kHz, the cardioid AKG C 430 boasts 7 mV/Pa sensitivity at 1 kHz; impedance of 200 ohms and 126 dB maximum SPL with 1% THD -- more than enough for even the most demanding instrument micing applications.

The AKG C 430 may be powered by external phantom power or alternatively using the new AKG B 15 battery system. The microphone is shipped with an AKG SA 40 stand adapter and an AKG W32 windscreen. The AKG C 430 provides musicians and engineers with a comprehensive and high performing package for instrument and percussion micing applications.

New AKG MicroMic III Accessories

AKG Acoustics will also introduce three new additions to the MicroMicIII accessories line that Stotler says add significantly to the functionality of the entire MicroMicIII offering. "The MicroMicIII series features an improved microphone pre-amp. The signal to noise radio is 6 dB better than that of the previous MicroMic offerings. With the introduction today of the AKG MicroMicIII B 29 L, B 15 and MPA III L accessories, we're adding to the tool box we provide engineers and artists, giving them even more freedom to create and perform in the way they see best," Stotler explained.

The AKG B 15 is an in-line battery supply for all standard Micromics needing phantom powering. The B 15 uses a single AAA size 1.5-V battery with average life of 30 hours and features an integrated on/off switch that helps prolong battery life further. The B 15 can be used with all commercial condenser microphones operating off 12-V phantom power.

The AKG B 29 L powers one or two L versions of the MicroMic III Series microphones. This battery system features an on/off switch, two volume controls to balance the levels of the two microphones and status LED as well and a mic/line selector for matching the XLR balanced output level to the input of the connected mixer or recorder. The B 29 L operates on one standard 9-V battery and is supplied with a clip that makes it easy to connect to a belt or guitar strap.

Finally, the AKG MPA IIIL MicroMic III phantom power adapter is a mini male 3-pin XLR connector to standard 3-pin XLR with pre-amp connector. The MPA III allows one MicroMic with L connectors to be phantom powered from the mixing console.

The AKG C-430 mic is priced at $238.00. The AKG D 409 and D 409 L are both priced at $ 198.00. The AKG Microphone Accessories are priced as follows, the AKG BL 29 L is $80.10, the AKG MPA III L is $107.00 and the AKG B 15 is $50.00.

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