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Akai Musical Instrument Corporation is pleased to announce feature enhancements to the world's only affordable, professional quality 24-bit/96kHz digital personal studio - the Akai DPS16.

Offering a host of editing, mastering, mixing and recording tools, the DPS16 is the premier digital audio solution for a wide variety of applications. From project studios to radio broadcast and DVD production, the Akai DPS16 sets a new standard for professional quality - yet cost-effective, digital studios.

The DPS16 features true 24-bit/96kHz, uncompressed high quality digital recording in an easy to use, compact unit. Offering 16-track simultaneous playback with full fader and pan controls on each channel and ten tracks of simultaneous recording, the DPS16 eliminates the need for complex multi-product interfacing, while keeping data in the digital domain. The DPS16 is also the world's first digital personal studio to offer 56-bit internal signal and effects processing for lightning fast command executions and internal processing.

Now equipped with a standard 20GB internal IDE drive and the ability to link up to seven additional external SCSI devices through the SCSI port, the DPS16 offers the flexibility of recording cuts of any length, limited only by the size of the selected storage medium. The DPS16 supports CD-R/CD-RW drives allowing users to produce professional quality CDs and DVDs in addition to project archiving.

New Operating System enhancements include support of Akai's MESA Software, a PC-based program allowing users to connect their DPS via MIDI to their computer. MESA offers easy control all mixer functions, the ability to store up to 20 mixer snapshots per project and even automates the record/player options allowing control of record and playback for all mixer changes including level, pan, EQ and FX settings.

Developed expressly for the DPS16, Akai's new Q-Link Navigation System makes operating the DPS16 a no-brainer. The Q-link system interface has been designed for quick, direct access to all major functions and provides easy access to EQ, Aux send levels and effects parameters - without the need to wade through complex menu layers. Enhancing the Q-link Navigation System are six virtual "Q" knobs located on the flip up six inch LCD. "Q" knobs offer real-time control of screen parameters including EQ, effects, aux levels and more.

The DPS16's digital mixing capabilities are extremely flexible, and include programmable EQ, 16 assignable faders and pan pots, and a virtual mixer display allowing real time mixing control of all 16 tracks simultaneously. Graphic waveform editing features include Cut, Copy, Move, Insert and Erase and sections of single or multi-track recorded audio can be moved from anywhere to anywhere within the project. The DPS16 also offers 256 levels of UNDO.

A Timestretch function is also included, allowing phase coherent processing of stereo recordings. Incorporating Akai's latest timestretch technology, this function offers a choice of 54 preset algorithms, providing an unprecedented variety of timestretch options.

The DPS16 also provides up to 250 virtual tracks, limited only by disk capacity. During mixdown, any virtual track can be assigned to any of the 16 physical tracks for playback. This allows the freedom of comparing multiple takes, experimenting with alternative arrangements, or combining parts of different virtual tracks on a single track -- without erasing or recording over previously recorded material.

The Akai DPS16 is available in now. The suggested retail price of $2,795.00 includes a 20GB IDE hard drive.

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