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Akai Digital will introduce their new DD Version 3.2 Software in Booth #840 at the Audio Engineering Society Show in Los Angeles. The new software release brings an unprecedented level of inter-format compatibility to the range of Akai Digital Products including the DD8 Plus and the DD16PB Plus.

A random-access digital film dubber, the DD8 Plus is designed as a plug and play replacement for tape-based digital recorders and analog magnetic tape playback machines. It records to and plays from magneto optical disks or removable hard drives. The Akai DD8 Plus is the first affordable digital dubber delivering the extremely low noise floor and wide dynamic range required for feature films, thanks to its high quality 24 bit linear data format and 96K sampling rate.

The Akai DDS Plus offers the highest level of cross-platform compatibility available. It's never been easier to work on one system and finish on another.

Able to directly read and write nearly all standard DAW formats in film production without the need for OMF transfer, the DDS Plus allows project files to be created in one format and finished in another with none of the hassle and uncertainty associated with common import/export functions.

Direct playback of nearly every other DAW format is supported, including Timeline/Tascam MMR-8; Waveframe; Fairlight disk formats including FLFS; BWF and SD-II files on FAT-16 DOS disks created on Zaxcom Deva. Macintosh OMF1 files with SD-II or AIFF audio files including AVID AudioVision and Media Composer are also directly supported.

Designed as a truly modular system, the DD8 Plus offers a wide range of options allowing each application to dictate the required components. This design approach not only allows users a multitude of configuration options, but is a very cost-effective solution to an often financially prohibitive upgrade path. Whether a facility currently uses mag-film dubbers, analog multitracks or digital tape-based recorders, the DD8's I/O options allow it to be configured for easy plug and play integration.

Incorporating the superb audio quality and file format compatibility options of the DD8 Plus, the DD16PB Plus brings the added flexibility of 16 channel playback, in either digital or analog format, to the wide range of available DDS Plus options. A truly cost-effective alternative for playback and mixing applications, the DD16PB Plus features eight additional analog or digital outputs, for a total of 16 outs (AES/EBU or ADAT). Providing high quality 24 bit linear data format and 96K sampling rate, the DD16PB Plus is the ideal digital audio player for feature film and video post production use.

Full 16 track playback is possible from either a single drive or from multiple drives, even those with differing data formats. 32 discreet voices allow real time crossfades on all 16 tracks and mixed 16/20/24 bit playback is possible within the same project. The DD16PB Plus locks to LTC and biphase at any speed, forward or reverse, and offers VideoSync/Wordclock input.

Akai Digital will also demonstrate playback and recording support of AES31 files on the DD8 Plus and DD16PB Plus at the Convention.

The DD Version 3.2 software update will be available for download from the Akai Digital

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