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AIR 6 Rear Panel (Master)

Dynaudio Acoustics and TC are now close to shipping the AIR Series - a brand new range of intelligent monitor systems utilizing DSP and networking technology, aimed at stereo and 5.1 applications. th Central remote control, preset storage and recall, and extreme alignment flexibility are among the numerous advantages offered by the AIR series.

Dynaudio Acoustics Business Manager, Carsten Lebeck, explains: "In the wake of 5.1 getting established, production facilities are facing a whole range of new problems monitoring audio. Alignment in between speakers is more important than ever. Adaptation to acoustic environments and placement issues are also becoming even more critical. Add to this the number of different standards and formats for bass management, levels etc., and it is obvious that the ultimate 5.1 monitor solution calls for new thinking in speaker-technology".

Lebeck continues: "Adding DSP and networking intelligence to our monitor-systems eliminate boundaries traditionally associated with speaker-design and allow us to revolutionize the monitor world both in terms of sound quality and operational convenience. Another major leap forward is of course the ability to optimize performance in different acoustic environments. Internal precision EQs and delay lines allow not only for improved sound quality, but also for more consistent speaker performance among different acoustic environments".

The new AIR Series Monitors can be controlled from the menu on the front of a Master-Module speaker via a 32 segment LCD display, or through an optional dedicated hardware remote, or an optional dedicated software application (Mac and PC). The user interface allows for storing and recall of factory and user presets taking into account THX and Dolby recommendations, reference levels, LFE sensitivity etc. Global level in system as well as solo / mute of individual speakers can be controlled centrally at anytime. A dedicated installer's software package opens up possibilities for advanced setting-up/alignment. The "tool-box" includes four parametric EQs and delay for each speaker. Integrated Bass management solution features selectable crossover-point and can be switched on/off on the fly. AIR Series monitors is powered by two 200-watt PWM amplifiers working with an advanced Switch mode PSU.

Both AIR6 and AIR15 are available in a master-version and a slave version. Identical inside both in terms of amplification and processing, the difference is in inputs and display. Master speakers feature AES/EBU digital I/O, BNC Word Clock, 2 Analog Inputs (optional), 3 TC LINK connectors, and a display / user interface on the front. Slave-Module speakers are identical to the Master-Module but inputs are limited to two 2 TC LINK I/O connectors on the back panel and it has no display on the front. Slave-Modules relies on inputs from the Master-Module transported to the Slave through the TC link. A monitor system - a combination of master and slave units, is controlled centrally from either the front of a master unit or from the optional dedicated remote control, or the optional Mac/PC software application.

Configurable in both stereo and 5.1 monitoring setups, AIR Series monitors are matched and interchangeable out of the box and provide full system integration and networking capabilities, enabling Total Recall and central control functions. They have been developed specifically to comply with the demands arising from 5.1 productions in any application, from the Film, Post, and Broadcast industries to DVD, Mastering and Recording studios.

The first AIR series products - AIR6, (a bi-amplified two-way near-field monitor w/6.5" woofer and 1.1" soft dome) and AIR15, (a bi-amplified two-way near-field monitor w/9" woofer and 1.1" soft dome), will ship in Q4 2001. Three different dedicated AIR subwoofers, which integrate into the AIR network, will be offered to ensure appropriate performance in different applications while a dedicated remote secures central control and convenience. An advanced SW package will offer advanced EQ and DELAY tools for acoustic consultants and installers.

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