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Amek will put the spotlight on digital at AES, presenting the largest DMS Digital Mixing System it has ever shown in the USA.

The 24-fader, 72-input DMS console will be configured for audio post-production, and will feature new Version 3.0 software for the first time anywhere in the world.

Also on show, a big slice of legendary audio designer Rupert Neve, in the shape of the new Recall RN live performance mixing console and the System 9098 rack-mounting signal processing equipment, including the Dual Mic Amplifier nominated for a TEC award.


As the momentum gathers around Amek's mature digital console, it is clear that its appeal stretches beyond its initial target market of audio post-production and broadcast.

Although customers such as VRT (Belgian Radio & Television Network), the BBC in the UK, Europe One in France, and post houses in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, have embraced the system, so too have music recording studios.

The principal appeal of the DMS is its versatile and highly expandable design philosophy. Centered around a 32-bit floating-point DSP core, a highly flexible chassis design and fully modular I/O system allow endless configuration choices to match the desired functionality and application.

Within any given application, the console can be reconfigured to match specific requirements, adding more busses or auxes for example. The smallest control surface can control the largest system configuration, thereby revolutionizing the old fixed relationship between configuration and architecture.

DMS offers a high degree of integrated control, with STARGate protocol and Virtual FX, dynamic and snapshot SuperTrue(TM) automation and UVS matrices. The Amek chassis enables extensive workstation integration, allowing third-party DAW controllers such as Akai DD1500, AudioFile and DAR SoundStations to be housed within the console.

At AES, DMS will be seen for the first time with its newly-implemented Version 3.0 software, incorporating many additions requested by broadcast users, such as LCRS and 5.1 surround sound capability extended on to 2 individual busses so users can implement individual stems, and increased dynamic capabilities.


Amek's Recall RN console is a brand new incarnation of the best-selling Recall live performance desk, featuring input modules with a Rupert Neve-designed mic amp and EQ section.

With the implementation of a second automation package, Recall RN is set to become the most flexible and versatile mixer of its kind. Amek's celebrated studio automation package Supertrue can now be ordered in addition to the console's existing live automation system, Showtime. As a result, Recall RN will be equally at home in a live mixing/recording or studio tracking environment. The compact console, ruggedly built for touring, is particularly suitable for Outside Broadcast applications.

In the EQ section, a greater degree of cut and boost is available at each of the four frequency controls, and, instead of the 2-position Q width, it is now continuously variable on the two mid bands. The engineer can now locate a desired frequency with greater precision, widen it or narrow it down to exactly what he requires. Cut and boost at /- 18dB is now available on all four frequency controls, dramatically improving the mid-range functionality of the Recall.

To complement the expanded EQ, Rupert Neve has designed a new mic/line input. The RN module offers a greater degree of control at the mic/line input stage as a result of improved dynamic capability and extra trim control for precise adjustment.


Rupert Neve's EQ

No further description necessary!

Remote Control Microphone Amplifier

The RCMA Remote Controlled Microphone Amplifier is designed to provide microphone source audio of the highest possible caliber by raising the level of the microphone signal at source and then feeding the line from an amplifier which has been specifically designed to drive it. Therefore the RCMA will be attractive to broadcasters, digital console owners requiring first-quality microphone sources, location recorders and sound reinforcement operators.

Dual Microphone Amplifier

The System 9098 Dual Microphone Amplifier consists of two independent microphone amplifier channels. In addition, the Direct Inject inputs allow instruments to be inserted directly into the device. Housed in a 1U rack-mounted box, the unit is self-powered.

Dual Compressor/Limiter

The System 9098 Dual Compressor/Limiter provides Compression, Limiting and Ambience controls on each channel. The two channels may be linked for stereo operation. Housed in a 2-U rack-mounted box, the unit is self-powered.

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