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EV (Electro-Voice ) is showing the new modular P Series line of power amplifiers at this year's AES, as well as the custom modules to customize to a variety of applications. New to the line of modules available for these amplifiers is the M-153 designed to perfectly complement the QRx-153/75 three-way full-range loudspeaker.

The P Series, with appropriate, customized modules, allows maximum performance from the FRi, FRX, Xi, QRx and other EV loudspeakers. All modules feature level control, input/signal present LED, voice-coil-protection, mode switch (FR/Mid-Hi) with status LED and Mid-EQ for customer selection between flat or dip. For example, the M-112, M-115, M-153, M-212, M-118S, and M-218S provide individually optimized processing for their respective QRx loudspeakers. The M-112, M-115, and M-212 modules can be set in full-range or mid/high mode. A mid-EQ button provides flat tuning or a slight dip in the midrange. Fine tuned EQ functions are fully analog and distortion-free reproduction and outstanding dynamics. The Low-Pass frequency of the M-118S and M-218S subwoofer modules is matched to the High-Pass filters for the top cabinets, so any combination of QRx loudspeakers is possible.

All processor modules include a patented EV LPN (Low Pass Notch) filter, which optimally tunes each module to its corresponding cabinet and produces excellent frequency response.

The various custom modules available for the P Series fit a number of current EV loudspeaker product offerings. The dual-channel version, P1202, can be used in stereo or mono mode (2 x 600-watt into 4 ohms); the two front-face slots are available with modules that feature filters and crossovers specifically designed for EV loudspeakers such as the newly introduced QRx Series. The P1202 operates two separate signals (slot A & B) or the same signal in both channels (slot A only). Available in two-way set-up for the QRx Series, the P1202 is the perfect companion to the QRx118S or QRx112/75. The P1201 is designed to be used as a mono power block (1 X 1200-watt into 4 ohms) that can generate a mono sum (A + B).

All P amplifiers feature LPN filters and crossovers, thus preventing the "sloppiness" associated with driving a transducer. Set-up proves to be a breeze; no more researching user manuals or engineering data sheets for optimal settings, and the P Series' various modules are available to provide maximized performance. With the P, you are guaranteed exemplary sound quality, with easy, quick and cost-effective modifications possible to best suit your individual needs.

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