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Spin Audio's 1.1 release of 3DPanner Studio adds on-fly HRTF set reloading, gain control and comes with new unified interface and new improved default HRTF set.

3DPanner Studio is an audio plugin available in VST and DX formats that allows to enhance your host application with a powerful 3D Positional Audio engine, so that you will be able to place your audio tracks in a 3D space around your head and arrange them within a single window.

The update includes two much anticipated features: on-fly HRTF set reloading and separate gain control for every HRTF set. Now there is no need to reload the whole project when a new HRTF set is selected, it's reloaded immediately, even without stopping sound processing. The separate gain control allows to adjust gain of every HRTF set, so that switching between different sets wont lead to overall project volume change.

3DPanner Studio is now shipped with the improved default HRTF set that provides "flatter" frequency response and includes two more short length subsets. However users who would like to use the old HRTF set can download it from SpinAudio web site along with two more alternatives.

The default skin has been also changed in order to make it conform with the new unified SpinAudio plugin line design. The old default skin is available on skins page of SpinAudio web site.

This release also fixes some bugs found the first version of the product.

New features:

  • On-fly HRTF set reloading
  • Separate gain control on every HRTF set
  • Redesigned default skin
  • Improved default HRTF set

Bug fixes:

  • The plugin now handles on-fly sample rate change
  • The source icons in the positional area don't flicker any more when any other icon is dragged by mouse
  • The custom label font size typed by keyboard is stored correctly
  • The edit boxes are now aligned according to skin settings

Here below is a screenshot of the new plugin default skin.

3DPanner Studio 1.0 can be purchased in the SpinAudio OnLine Shop and also through their distributors. The current retail prices is $95. The product is also available as a part of Pro Versions bundle that includes also RoomVerb, SpinDelay and 3DDelays plugins. Pro Versions bundle is priced at $175.

Registered 3DPanner Studio users can update to the new version for free.

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